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Improving Your Musical Palate: 4 Ways to Keep It Fresh

Yes, you’ve heard of expanding your food palate, but have you thought about keeping an open mind when it comes to the world of music? It’s as important to me as food, really. A well rounded individual is created by the quality of food, art, and music they involve in their lives, and we believe in being very creatively fed around here. We’ve come up with 4 surefire ways to keep your musical palate fresh

Know Your Food Groups. We know what we like and what we’re on the edge of – some can do rockabilly but country is a no-go. Outlining these tastes is essential to finding what you like, and what you can’t stand. Exploring genres is the first step to making a solid effort. Your musical palate changes every couple of years, just like your taste buds! Don’t forget to re-visit those nostalgic sounds that your parents raised you up on, because more than likely you’ll wind up falling in love all over again.

Savor the Flavors. Dive in and don’t be afraid of what you may hear. There are some random finds I love by musicians I’m not fond of, but that one song feels like a treasure when I listen to it. You’ll never expand your palate if you aren’t willing to see what else is out there, so dive into some Afro-Flamenco Fusion and dig deep.

Taste Buds Change, So Switch Up the Recipe. Maybe you only like your brussels sprouts sauteed, or you can’t stand the texture of an avocado but don’t mind a chunky guacamole. Well, the same can be compared to our musical tastes. Put your spin on a classic by feed digging – you might find some pretty out there remixes of tracks you already dig, and it may open up new soundscapes you had no idea you’d appreciate. I like to go through Soundcloud likes as well as comments to see what my favorite producer is checking out, and more often than not, I am beyond grateful for what I find. Digging through feeds is worth it when you find a gem or two.

Experience the Culture. We connect with others through music, so it’s natural that you will begin to associate certain crowds of music lovers with different artists. For example, I wouldn’t say I’m a particular fan of a band who shall not be named, but their audience is one of my favorite to be apart of. Coming across this band at a major festival is always a good time, and dancing through the crowd is what makes it special. The people truly make the environment, and it’s hard not to have fun when you’re surrounded by smiles and good company.

So pay attention to your musical palate, and keep it fresh. Explore the unknowns of our beautiful, musical world and turn others on too. If music is a universal language, then it is also one of the most crucial tools we have in connecting us all. Give it a try and you’ll be grateful for what you find.

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