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The idea of CYM started as my fifteen year old self’s way of pursuing ‘Almost Famous’ dreams. I’ve always held an interest in music photojournalism, and with no other form of musical talent to offer the world (I can’t hold a note to save my life), I felt it was the perfect medium in which I could satisfy my immense passion for this culture. The ability to capture these once in a lifetime and inspiring moments is magic to me. Knowing the raw energy of that second is yours to love and share with the world forever is indescribable, and having the ability to share that moment means everything.

Back in 2013 after building up portfolios of concerts, festivals and night life, I realized I had completely drifted away from my previous ‘Almost Famous’ ambitions. I wanted to make a real, tangible change. To create something everlasting, moreso than a photograph could ever say or do.

Compose Yourself Mag is an outlet for young thinkers, independent artists, entrepreneurs and all those striving towards success and personal happiness. Based on music, art, wellness, and raising social consciousness, I believe in CYM becoming a trusted online and readily accessible resource. We are globally minded with a community driven purpose –  from eco friendly DIY projects and coverage from your favorite music festivals to spotlighting underground artists and providing informative features on social issues and wellness, Compose Yourself Mag is what our youth should aspire to become a part of.

Use us to draw inspiration, to showcase your independent endeavors, or to tell us about the change you’re making in the world. Tell us what’s impacting you, bring your raw passions to light, and show yourselves. Who better to supply a platform to than you, the movers and shakers of the world? Here is your chance.
What do you Compose Yourself of?


CYM is built on an endless team of contributors from every corner of the states. We can’t cover all the bases without having an ear in every city. Interested in contributing your content to CYM, or being featured? If you love music and art, are involved with the happenings in your area, and have a medium you can express yourself in, we’d love to hear from you!

Shoot an email to our lead editor/founder, Tai Carpenter
[email protected]