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 A well rounded pallet is necessary for appreciating any art form, and music is no different. Flavor of the Week will be the platform for sharing our favorite new tracks across a variety of genres. For our first week we’re listening to Glitch-Hop, a genre primarily categorized by its no holds barred, anything-goes tempos and irrelevant time signatures. For those of you who like getting down to deep bass, are enthralled by strange noises but enjoy the less frenzied energy that drum n bass brings to mind, feast your ears on our tasty playlist below.

The McMash Clan – Swing Break (Opiuo Remix ft Russ Liquid)
Fresh from an extended hiatus after recovering from ear surgery, Opiuo is back and I couldn’t be happier. His Kickstarter funded album, Meraki, just dropped in March and is filled with tracks going in many musical directions with that signature Opiuo crunch we know and love. This sinister remix he did of The McMash Clan’s “Swing Break” hasn’t left my head since first hearing it, and Russ Liquid’s killer horn skills make it all the sweeter.

Koan Sound – 7th Dimension
If a new album from Opiuo weren’t enough, British glitch-hop superstars Koan Sound have released a new EP, called Dynasty, last week as well. Though it is considerably more down-tempo than what I’ve come to expect from this duo, their signature styles shine through clear as day. This track, 7th Dimension, in particular is smoother than just about any song I’ve heard all year.

Flavours – Soul Bossa Nova remix
When first stumbling onto Flavours on an Adapted Records mix compilation, titled “Up and Comers”, I was shocked to find out this Canadian producer was only 19. His freshly released EP, Juice, is fantastic mid-tempo glitch-hop, but his outstanding remix of Quincy Jones’ “Soul Bossa Nova” (which is more familiar when dubbed under the ‘Austin Powers’ theme song) needs to be heard to be believed.

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