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Rob Garza releases deep tech house single, ‘Dobruja’ ahead of new Dissolve EP [New Music Monday]

Marking his first release of 2018 out on Armada, Rob Garza has slipped a new single from out of the archives to prepare fans for his upcoming EP, Dissolve. ‘Dobruja’ is sultry, dark, and immediately addicting. Distant chanting adds an air of mystique to the track, and the moody bassline drives it all home. A seamless union of tech and deep house, ‘Dobruja’ is a perfect production.

Traveling the world often for his own music projects as well as with Thievery Corporation, Garza has a deep rooted love and appreciation for many cultures. While Thievery Corporation serves as an outlet for bossa nova/trip-hop/reggae leaning sounds, Rob Garza’s DJ sets focus mainly on sensual deep house grooves.

“The Dissolve EP was inspired mainly by traveling and motion. It was sketched out on a laptop on trains, planes and in hotel rooms. It was born from looking out various windows watching the world, gazing at the cities, mountains, skies and numerous landscapes. This EP tries to capture the sensation of telling a part of those worlds while at the same time feeling distant from them.” – Rob Garza

Rob Garza can do no wrong on the dance floor, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next. Transport yourself across the world by listening to ‘Dobruja’ below – picture a hot summer night and sand beneath your feet.

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