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House.Techno.Love: Peep the 5 1/2 Hour Desert Hearts Crew Set from Symbiosis 2016 [Stream + Artist Spotlight + Haunted Hearts]

“Real vibe comes from the heart and it comes from the love for the music and the love for one another. Trust me if anyone can have a spiritual experience on the dance floor it’s me, but mine usually happen when I’ve got my eyes closed and I’m locked into a tight ass house groove. I don’t pretend the music I play is better than anyone else’s because it’s not. I just want to have fun and rage with the people I love.” – Mikey Lion, Desert Hearts Founder/Label Boss

There has to be something more than the trippy desert attire, funny hats, and West Coast party vibes that really separates the Desert Hearts Crew from the rest. Equipped with psychedelic button downs, chunky jewelry, feathered top-hats, and souls made to groove, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, Marbs, and Deep Jesus make up the Desert Hearts Crew, one of the fattest growing and hottest house & techno record labels out today.

Over the last half a decade, the crew has graduated from throwing renegade gatherings in the desert to hosting bi-annual festivals while fulfilling a vigorous touring schedule. The labels’ ‘City Hearts’ events have now embarked on an international party voyage, previously traveling across the entire U.S. and down into Mexico. Clearly, the West Coast Party vibes are contagious across the globe, but what makes the Desert Hearts Crew so special? Well, it all starts with their campaigning slogan;

House. Techno. Love.

These words set the sole vibe for all Desert Hearts events. They provided a foundation for a growing community of people who all want the same thing; to spread love and get down to some serious grooves. And the Desert Hearts crew always makes sure to deliver exactly that.

I think the choice to dj as a crew, or as one big family, is what sets the foot stones on which the fans walk on. As a fan, we see a single unit, a family, a crew, throwing down and having a great time, so naturally, we just want to join the fun and be a part of the party. The outpour of love within the crew resonates through the fan base, creating an overall blissful and unifying vibe, even amongst the largest seas of people.

If it wasn’t for ‘House’ and ‘Techno’ though, the Crew’s motto would just be “Love.” Music is the main supplement responsible for maintaining the unifying vibe throughout the entire party, and the Desert Hearts Crew certainly know how to set a vibe. Collaboratively, their mixes take you along a journey from the dance floor to outer space and back. Trippy deep house tracks with vast soundscapes start the party, followed by bouncy techno to heat up the dance floor. Tech-house stompers get the crowd really grooving together as one until embarking down deeper into darkness. Twisted bass lines and stabbing synths pulsate the ground, altering minds and making sweat drip along the way before finally climaxing and safely returning each and everyone back safely to Earth with some chilled out deep grooves with soothing vocals. This is the true Desert Hearts fashion. No set times, one stage, one vibe.

There is no better explanation of the Desert Hearts Crew’s sound than their Symbiosis 2016, ‘Swimbiosis’ takeover. So strap in and sit back, or head outside on a long adventure, because this full 5 1/2 hour mix is going to move you.

If you happen to be in the area for the select Haunted Hearts tour dates, we urge you not to miss the debauchery set to ensue on those nights! It’ll be one hell of a way to celebrate Halloween weekend, that’s for sure. 

Tickets for Denver and New York are still available!

House. Techno. Love. Desert Hearts <3

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