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DRRTYWULVZ Hits Us With First Full Length Album, ‘Ah Yes’ via Street Ritual [Album Review]

The first full length album to come from DRRTYWULVZ, ‘Ah Yes’ is sure to please fans progressive electronic music. Building on a style he already honed in on and with even cleaner sound yet, the album takes the listener on quite the satisfying journey. ‘This One’ gets things started with some Tipper-esque alien vibes carried along by melodic samples. Next, ‘Red Light’ slows things down a bit with beautiful organic textures giving the impression we’ve been sent on a tour of this alien landscape.


‘Be Nice’ follows up with some more ominous vibes but still upbeat enough to keep us on our toes. Keeping us in the dark, ‘Tapping In’ lays down some well produced deep dubstep, leading into ‘All Them’, which doesn’t stray from the dark side and brings some freaky carnival sounds to boot.


‘Suddenly’ dives into some all around good bass music to get your feet moving and is followed up by some deep chill melodic Dubstep as ‘Dancing’ vibrates the speakers, but only until ‘Juice Beets’ does the energy pick up again, ending with some nice heavy glitch hop influence shining through. ‘Birds’ blends ample Dubstep seamlessly with some hip hop sounding scratches and ‘Balbozies’ sounds like a Middle Eastern influence from another planet.


‘Well Here We Are’ starts off with some old school breaks then bounces between some house-ish vibes and mid-tempo squishy goodness, before wrapping the album up into a tight little package. If you haven’t heard of DRRTYWUULVZ, you just might start to notice the name being thrown around after this EP makes waves. Stay up on his Facebook to find out when he’ll be showing up near you.

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