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Resonant Language Releases New EP ‘Fractal Technician’ [Album Review]

Resonant Language clearly spends more time behind his computer screen than most. In just a few years his sound has filled out as fast as one could hope, always staying true to making music that pushes boundaries without ever committing to any genre full on. As he creates what I suppose you could call jazz for aliens, he continues to redefine what music can be. Two companies that stay on top quality electronic music, Street Ritual and Addictech Records, recently discovered this gem rising to the surface after his April release ‘Onset’. As highly produced electronic music gains popularity, Resonant Language will be one of experienced vets when the explosion happens, sitting on a load of music ready for everyone’s ears.

His latest EP, Fractal Technician, ups the ante once more with some impeccable sound design. The title track opens up feeling as though you’re suspended in a waiting room in the stars only to be thrown into a space pod for a quick blast around the cosmos. The trip morphs into a colorful experience as extraterrestrial chirps deconstruct the fractal back to a slowed vibration. Hybrid Stomp cracks open more of that intelligent glitch on the horizon. With such thick sound wrapping around your ears, the delicate blips accompanying these frequencies feel like a shower for the brain. Using atmosphere and quiet points to his advantage, the detail in each release only gets more complex. Pay what you wish for ‘Fractal Technician’ on Bandcamp right now as well as Addictech Records page. You can also purchase ‘Onset’ and other awesome releases off Addictech and show some love to a dedicated company and the Denver based audio mastermind that is Resonant Language. Trust me when I say you’re going to want to like his Facebook page to find out when you can hear him drop an hour or so of originals in your city, so check the outlets below and get in the know.

Facebook | BandCamp 

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