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Let’s Get Saucy: The Road To Enchanted Forest Gathering [Festival Preview & Playlist]

With a mission to produce events that activate personal growth, inspire collective sharing and redefine conscious celebration, Enchanted Forest Gathering is the spot you want to be the weekend of July 22-24. Surrounded by the arms of majestic Oak trees at Black Oak Ranch in NorCal’s Laytonville, we cannot wait to be among such a powerful, loving and invigorating community.

At Enchanted Forest Gathering, one can truly become enriched and rejuvenated through a variety of outlets. Let’s start first with the outstanding music lineup that E.F.G. has curated for our beating souls this year. With electronic and live acts alike gracing the festival this year, expect to be wow’d watching Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ Set), The Polish Ambassador, pantyraid, Minnesota, Autograf, Thriftworks, Bluetech, CloZee, Nominus, DRRTYWULVZ, Psy Fi, Ayla Nereo, Hamsa Lila, Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali, Suzanne Sterling, CelloJoe and many more as they pleasure our senses atop the four beautifully crafted stages at Black Oak Ranch. Not just a place to dance and discover yourself through music, Enchanted Forest Gathering offers over 50 workshops in yoga, movement, dance and flow arts let by internationally acclaimed teachers including Suzanne Sterling, Conscious Living School’s Juan Pablo Barahona, and DJ FreQ Nasty (Darin McFadyen) and Claire Thompson’s Yoga of Bass.

Centered around the E.F.G. ethos of cultivating clear and conscious connection, multi-generational community engagement, self-actualization through the process of sharing our unique gifts and balancing the scared, sexy, silly and of course, SAUCY in our lives, E.F.G. also offers over 60 educational workshops and forums. These mind expanding opportunities will be focused on nourishment & nutrition, permaculture & ancestral arts, relationships & sexuality and spirituality & science reconnecting with and honoring nature. Even more to love is the fact that Enchanted Forest is 100% kid friendly. In fact, the festival promotes a family atmosphere by having it’s own Kids’ Village equipped with professional day care services and various playful micro-environments to engage humans of ALL ages.


Truly a unique event and one we cannot wait to dive into. “Get saucy, not sauced,” is a policy Enchanted Forest Gathering follows, inviting people to steer away from the booze (E.F.G. is an alcohol-free event) and instead, drive towards consciousness, learning, reconnecting and being the unique YOU that YOU are. We created a specially handpicked playlist to get you familiar (or re familiar) with the musical artists of 2016’s lineup. Tune in & SNAG YOUR TICKETS at the cheapest price of the season. We will see you in July, Enchanted Forest Fam! 

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