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Five Sets We’re Dying to See in the Redwoods at Northern Nights Music Festival 2016 [Event Preview]

We’re getting P-U-M-P-E-D.

The epic festival known as Northern Nights will be making its triumphant return to the beautiful Redwoods on July 15th through the 17th. Marking our third year of coverage, it’s no wonder we’re itching to get back to Cook’s Valley, and it isn’t just because of the serene environment we get to call home for the weekend. The lineup is gushing with some of the best names in the underground right now, and it’s our duty to present them to you so you don’t miss out! Check out our top five choices for artists that will spring you out of your tent nice and early and won’t have you leaving the dance floor any time soon.


London producer TroyBoi has been making his strides in the underground scene for years and years, and though you may not think you’ve heard of him, it’s almost certain you’ve heard his signature watermark in several of your favorite artists sets. TroyBoi went from one of the most sampled producers out there to crossing the pond to share his original tracks with the masses. Never delivering the same set, trap weary listeners needn’t worry – we urge you to let TroyBoi’s unique take on the genre change your perspective.


The enigma known by Travis Stewart has been wobbling the underground since 1998, and we’ve been fans for just as long. Whether it’s his slimy downtempo or his spooky glitch, this producer has been one of our favorites for quite a while now, and we’ve been looking forward to catching him in any sort of live capacity we could find. Busying himself with his newest project, Sepalcure, a duo made of Stewart and fellow artist Praveen Shema (also known as Braille), we’re excited to see the producer getting back to his Machinedrum roots this summer at Northern Nights.

Lafa Taylor

Based in the U.S.’s rowdy bass capital of Berkeley, California, Lafa Taylor is ready to bring the heat to Northern Nights for the second year in a row. The eclectic MC has a knack for keeping us on our toes, and we’ve definitely had Lafa on the brain since we first saw NNMF’s lineup drop. Prepping to release his latest endeavor, ‘Feel’ this summer, we can be sure to hear all sorts of brand new bangers from Lafa, who never disappoints a crowd.

Bass Physics

This electro-soul duo are on hot fire, and it’s no wonder why! After slaying their performance in Austin, Texas at Euphoria Festival, we’ve been hooked to Bass Physics nonstop as they’ve steadily rolled out remixes to keep us wrapped around their fingers since. The aptly named Bass Physics have their own unique way of making the crowd jump, and they don’t rely on heavy buildups or teased out drops. Hailing from the eccentric state of Colorado, these two have concocted the perfect formula for melodic bassheads to get down to, and it certainly sets them apart from others in their genre. Make sure you catch their set at NNMF to get a nice taste of them before they completely blow up the charts.


Fort Knox Five

If it’s a non-stop party you’re looking for, you just funkin’ found it! Fort Knox Five are sure to bring the house down at any venue they grace, and you know they’ve got something special for us to groove to in the Redwoods! A longtime CYM favorite, FKF are bosses of the dance floor, known for their fiery mixes of funk, soul, and uplifting hip-hop. If that weren’t enough, FKF will be joined by none other than QDup, another favorite that we can’t help but get down to when he’s in the room. Pairing these two acts will result in nothing less than a booty shaking party!

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