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An artist with a clear affinity for video games, Invader is an artist who definitely wins when it comes to the playful aspect of graffiti. His famous use of mosaics can be found hidden all over the world, and not just because he makes his way around. One of the reasons behind his solid fan base lie in the fact that it’s a free for all, in a sense – fans stencil and slap the Invaders themselves as well.

“My mission is to invade the planet with video game characters made with tiles that I put on walls in big cities all around the world.

Like a mission, I really stay two or three weeks and I try to spread the invasion all around the city.” – Invader

Most recently, Invader launched an app that allows fans to hunt and upload their photos of ‘Invader’ mosaic sightings, in turn gaining points for participation.


Space Invader @ Paris (France) Lionel Belluteau

Space Invader @ Paris (France) Lionel Belluteau


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