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[New Music Monday] Pre Re:Vision Party: Random Rab at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL | April 10th, 2015


Photo Credit: Android Jones

Last week in Chicago, I had the chance of catching Random Rab on his spring tour here in Chicago at the Bottom Lounge. The views from the patio were spectacular, and you could see the entire city of Chicago with a gorgeous view of the iconic Sears Tower and all. Not only were the views outside amazing, but the space inside was completely transformed into its own unique art gallery. There were live painting action, as well as a few booths featuring finished pieces that were available for sale. The art added to the serene aesthetic of the event, making it perfect for Random Rab’s tranquil sets, which are often identified by chill vibes and melodic beauty. SaQi got the night started off right with some funky dance floor music, making the crowd groove at the very beginning. The combination of live instruments alongside his electronic beats created a unique and sophisticated sound that we just couldn’t get enough of!

Photo Credit: Sarah Hoffman

The vibes were at an all time high as Random Rab took the stage. Random Rab is usually famous for his chill, ethereal music that is often seen at his infamous sunrise sets. He brought an entirely different energy to his set on that Friday evening, though. As usual, his stage’s set up was intriguingly beautiful, but a little twisted as well. Random Rab was surrounded by a stage full of light bulbs that lit and dimmed during different points throughout the set. The bulbs glowed a golden yellow that provided perfect ambient light on the stage. He also added incredible projection mapping on two pregnant mannequins that sat right at the edge stage.

We love how Random Rab always lets his freak flag fly by representing the beautiful, and the unusual. He brought a more upbeat vibe to this evening set, as Random Rab was getting down super hard during the entire performance, whipping his long grey locks back and forth. He debuted his latest track, titled “Fate Shadow,” which further displayed how ever-evolving this producer’s sound is.

Photo Credit: Sarah Hoffman

This set was chock full of new music for our ears to listen to, making Random Rab our choice for this weeks’ #NewMusicMonday. The evening seemed to just slip away, and before we knew it our experience was over. Random Rab left us wanting more, and we can’t wait to catch him at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle and Sonic Bloom in Colorado!

Check out this video of Random Rab playing “Release,” courtesy of contributor Sarah Hoffman from the show Friday night!

Photo gallery by Sarah Hoffman.

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