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Art You HAVE To See: Luna Luna Forgotten Fantasy Opens in Los Angeles

The lure behind Luna Luna is loaded with details that almost deem it too good to be true – a massive art carnival constructed by some of the worlds’ greatest artists was lost for decades, only to be recovered in a forgotten shipping container by a group of art curators. Did we mention some of those curators included DreamCrew, a multi-disciplinary creative studio owned by the rapper Drake? 

Archival footage on view at Luna Luna in 2024, taken by Teressa Raiford

The history of Luna Luna does feel kinda out there. But this is exactly what tends to happen with collections of art, music, literature and otherwise – there are long lost works from legendary creators that archivists are finding for the first time every day. This careful conservation work allows future generations to continue learning and enjoying the artistic and educational contributions of so many, making the profound conservation and journey of Luna Luna all the more important.

Luna Luna first took place in Hamburg, Germany nestled in a public park during the summer of 1987. The amusement parks’ creator, experimental artist André Heller, spent nearly 13 years envisioning what this art carnival could be, traveling the world to meet with artists he wanted to collaborate with. These included Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sonia Delaunay, Salvador Dali, Kenny Scharf, David Hockney, Roy Lichenstein and more.

Exhibit view of Luna Luna in 2024, photo by Teressa Raiford

Open to all ages, the park saw thousands of visitors during the summer it was open, and was set to embark on a global tour. Unfortunately these plans were suddenly scrapped, and the creations of Luna Luna wouldn’t see the public for nearly 40 years.

Making its debut for the first time since it was brought to life, the re-imagined version of Luna Luna welcomed visitors in Los Angeles this past December. So far tickets have been released in small batches, and there are no announcements for where the exhibition could travel to next.

My advice? Make an excuse (seriously, any) to visit Los Angeles and experience this historical, once in a lifetime art carnival with your own eyes! Tickets can be purchased here from now through March 3, 2024.

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