[Photo Gallery] Odesza in Austin, TX @ Vulcan Gas Company | 9/25/2014

About Odesza | Electronic music duo Odesza have been making quite the splash in the underground EDM culture since the release of their 2012 debut album “Summer’s Gone.” Having barely graduated college, the duo suddenly had a rapidly expanding fanbase, hungry for more of the unique sound they had carved out for themselves. Their 2013 EP release, “My Friends Never Die,” gave us more of a taste of their consistently evolving sound, and was a needed reminder that these guys are making a statement we all need to pay attention to.

An artful take on mid-tempo electronica, Odesza has an instantly recognizable sound. With thick pads and ethereal, pitched up vocals side-chained through thick, pumping drums, Odesza takes the listener on a sonic journey unlike any other. Their melodies and chord structures alone are enough to tantalize your ears, but the way they craft their unique style of production around those songs is what sets them apart from the competition.

Regardless if you’ve listened to Odesza at home, the way their sets sound on a quality sound system and what their music can do to a crowd is something you have to witness firsthand to truly understand.

– Cameron Crumpler

Check out our shots by contributor Ryan McCoy from the Odesza show in Austin,TX on September 25!

Photos by Ryan McCoy.

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