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[Photo Gallery and Show Review] Tycho at Fox Theater in Boulder, CO| September 18, 2014

Although it were a massive, sold out crowd that was beginning to fill the majestic walls of Fox Theater last Thursday, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Radically different from the usual chaotic masses at most concerts, the docility of your average Tycho fan most closely resembles a happily grazing cow – cooperative and content, focused only on the subject at hand. There are few musical delicacies in life that are as sweet as Tycho – the mind numbing, harmonious sounds of Scott Hansen.

Scott Hansen of Tycho. Photo by Haley Wofford

Recently transcending the project to the next level by performing as a full band experience, the group created a luminous and dream-like world for fans to drift in and out of, beautifully accompanied by Hansen’s heartening graphic visual backdrops and stage light ambience. The geographical mindset that Tycho conveys through sound is breathtaking, redolent of spring meadows, insightful sunrises and awe inspiring ocean waves beneath a beaming moon.

Selecting tracks from the group’s most recent release, Awake, the full band magnetized the gaze of the crowd through their effortless and fluid playing, conjuring whoops and shouts from fans with tracks such as ‘Apogee’ and ‘See’. Mid-set, the stage was soon left to Scott Hansen himself, who played more of the classic Tycho productions, including a favorite of mine, titled  ‘Past is Prologue’.

Performing each song as though it were the next sequence in a grand symphony, Tycho gave an emotionally powerful and heartfelt show to a throng of appreciative fans. To truly experience a Tycho performance is to have a life changing epiphany – shedding light on the more hidden of life’s simple pleasures, this band never fails to deliver the utmost in pure musical therapy.

Huge thanks to Tycho, Geo at Terrorbird Media and the folks at Fox Theater for being so damn awesome at everything they do.  

Photos by Haley Wofford

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