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Manic Focus X Break Science | BRKTHRU Tour at the Ogden Theater in Denver 9.18.2014

John McCarten [Manic Focus] and Kevin Donohue of Sunsquabi
Being newly introduced to the music of Break Science and Manic Focus entirely, I was oblivious to the innovative and raw talent that was soon to consume my night. As soon as I approached the venue, there was a unique energy that flourished from the crowd that easily fed into my anticipation. Walking through the doors to The Ogden, I was immediately enraptured with whimsical wobbles and a captivating electric bass. Naturally, I followed my instincts to the front of the stage.

As the prism of multicolored lights illuminated the vivacious crowd and bounced rhythmically to the opening beats, I was confident that Manic Focus (John “JmaC” McCarten) would preserve the euphoric state we were all so heavily indulged in. Weaving together dynamic bass elements and low measured harmonies, Manic takes a unique approach that he has skillfully mastered. Throughout the course of the set, it was conclusive that no one in the venue was able to stand still, vibing and grooving to the infectious beats of this talented producer. Inviting members of the Denver based band Sunsquabi onstage to rock out,  There was this sort of universal gratification that emitted from the laughter and smiles of the spirited concertgoers that was entirely unique to that exact moment.


Continuing my night with the electronic duo originating out of Brooklyn, Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee of Break Science evoked one of the reputable performances I have yet to come across. Integrating a blend of dub/trip-hop with a penetrating breakbeat style on the drums, the duo manufactures an unparalleled take on the electronic scene. Both Deitch and Lee’s production styles undeniably complement each other in such an unmatchable way, their entire set was continuously one of the most euphoric experiences from beginning to end. I found myself infatuated with the smooth jazz vibes that flowed freely from Lee’s keyboard, which transcended effortlessly into Deitch’s heavy drum beats. I was reluctant for it to end.

Amazingly, my night hadn’t even reached its peak. Manic Focus and Break Science set the premise for the night with their initial two sets to prepare us for an epic collaboration. Infused with each other’s original styles, all three artists prepared a strong, rhythmic groove of electric bass and synchronized beats. As if this magnetic collaboration weren’t enough, a guest appearance from Michal Menert surely set my night over the top. The combination of live brass and horns accompanied by Eric Bloom and Ryan Zoidis of Lettuce, matched with the thunderous drum beats of Dietch made Manic Science one of the most monumental performances of my year.


These talented artists have coincided with one another to produce an inimitable performance, and in turn gave one of the most spine-tingling experiences that I’ve witnessed. The raw and pure talent that exerted from these individuals not only altered my perception of the electronic scene, but secured my devotion as a new and unwavering fan.

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