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Dirtwire Make Their Denver, CO Debut! | A Special Night With Mumukshu + Kalya Scintilla at Cervantes 9.12.2014

There are very few concerts that make a warming and everlasting impression on your heart, but last Friday at Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom was just that. Upon entering the venue, the feeling was immediately mutual: we were all in store for a night of otherworldly, divine bass bliss. Though each artist on the billing had their own very distinct styles, the heavenly booking on this night in particular couldn’t have been better; each set complimented and added to the already stellar vibes that were flowing through the crowd at Cervs. Mumukshu, an LA based glitch hop producer, opened the stage just before Kalya Scintilla and commended attention from the crowd instantly with his spaced-out and organic soundscapes. Fat and juicy beats gave us the sensation of floating underwater, just before intermingling basslines brought us rumbling back  towards the surface. Even more mesmerizing were the mind blowing visuals accompanying his set, which pulsated to the bass as it coursed throughout my body from head to toe.

Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution performing at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on 9/12/2014. Photo Credit: Haley Wofford

It wasn’t long before Kalya Scintilla took to the stage, unleashing his own addicting fusion of Middle Eastern influences and primal rhythms led by his seductive partner in crime, a brilliant performer who goes by the name of Eve Olution. The energy that Kalya shares with his crowd is something special; his tribal psydub productions truly make you feel as though you are taking part in an extraterrestrial drum jam somewhere beyond the cosmos. The shamanic approach he takes to his craft is beautifully inspiring; each stage is his altar, and we are all apart of his musical ritual. Though I was loving every minute of Kalya’s set, we had finally reached the most anticipated part of the night: Dirtwire.

David Satori and Evan Fraser are two artists who simply thrive on the fresh breath of creation. Continuously pushing beyond the confines of their innovative and sexy swamp-backporch folk sound, Dirtwire has impressed me numerous times through headphones alone as well as when I’ve been lucky enough to see them live (most recently during Sonic Bloom). Yet each of those experiences, though all near and dear, paled in comparison when reflecting on the captivating performance given by the duo on that Friday night at Cervantes. With the nights energy at its peak, Dirtwire was welcomed to the stage with loving arms and shouts of admiration from hundreds of Colorado heads.

Photo Credit Haley Wofford

Positioning themselves on either side of a table featuring a plethora of small instruments, Dirtwire launched into their most spell-binding performance to date. Large screens flashed clips of black and white boudoir photography and curvaceous women dancing in shadowboxes, setting a sultry yet mischievous vibe within the dark decor of Cervs. My favorite track from the new release, titled ‘Only One’, sounded even more full-bodied and seductive than I’d imagined it would be when the group played it live.

Shining light on the more Southern blues side of Dirtwire, this song begs to be played under the swampy moonlight to the rendevouz of misbehaving deviants. The crowd turned into a mass of gyrating hips and tightly pressed bodies, sweating and dancing to the twangy beats and undeniable grooves of Dirtwire.  The bands’ more upbeat and folky end of the spectrum was showcased during their performance of ‘The Well’, which, albeit lacking the female harmonies of Rising Appalachia was just as powerful and impactful as one could have imagined.

Photo Credit Haley Wofford

After speaking to numerous people in the crowd, I confirmed what I had already suspected: Dirtwire had completely stolen the show. Upon ending their set, several whoops from the crowd called for encores, and people had moved closer to the stage, eager for a better look at their new favorite duo. By the end of their final song, both David and Evan were firmly shaking hands, exchanging smiles, hugs and even giving fans who couldn’t make it “Happy Birthday!” ‘s via Snapchat. Not only are Dirtwire kickass musicians, but they are completely humble as well.

Last Friday’s performance was everything we needed it to be, and more: A mind-expansive night of eclectic sounds, worldly influences, amazing vibes and brilliant production. Huge thanks to Dirtwire for everything that you do, in the music realm as well as in just being yourselves. Read our interview with the group here.

Photos by Haley Wofford

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