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A Peek Inside the Mind of Local Artist: Larry Clack

Larry Clack is an incredibly talented artist from Garland, Texas with a passion for inking colorfully eccentric renditions of the world as he sees it. Over the years, Clack has molded together his signature style that has a way of sublimely catching your eye; a style that reflects a sense of complexity through a spontaneous combination of graffiti and abstract.  Getting to know and understand this young and ambitious artist has been an intriguing, as well as humbling, experience.


CYM:  In your own words, can you describe the concluding style you portray through your art?

LC:  The gritty stuff in the world.  It’s usually what I do when I get home from the bar at night.

CYM:  Who are your biggest artistic influences?

LC:  I’d probably say my biggest influences are Jean Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Ralph Steadman, and Charles Bukowski.

CYM:  How and when did you find your passion in art?

LC:  I started thinking about art when I was like seventeen and got introduced to graffiti.

CYM:  Is there a message you’re trying to send through your artwork?

LC:  There’s really no message, it’s kind of just like… word vomit.  There’s no preparation or anything like that.

CYM:  What techniques do you mostly use when you create art pieces?

LC:  I use an unorthodox selection of items to put the application onto the media, like sticks, the edges of rulers… just spontaneous brush strokes from random pieces of material. But I also use markers and stuff. I have lots of different styles that fit my mood at the moment.

CYM:  Can you explain the process of coming up with an art piece?

LC:  It’s pretty unconscious for me but it really depends on the materials that I have available at the time and what’s going on with my life at the time.

CYM:  What do you believe makes you unique or different from other graffiti artists today?

LC:  Well I don’t really sell anything *laughs*.

CYM:  Where do you see yourself artistically in the future?

LC:  I see myself hopefully making a living.


Please e-mail Larry Clack directly at [email protected] for pricings on artwork.


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