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An artist ranging in mixed medias, Viktor Ortix was born and raised in Dallas,TX. Filled with a childhood of comic books and sketching super heroes, Viktor has harbored a healthy love of these things, as well as involving himself in the local music scene, for years. Living a nomadic life, he spends half of his time creating, and dedicates the other half to travel. Incorporating a bit of culture from every place he visits, the geographic element in his style is undeniable.

Looking through his art, you immediately get a feel for who this artist is. A young rebel who is still obsessed with his favorite comic books, yet is wise beyond his years, spiritually and mentally.

His exceptional talent is evident in everything he touches, from his esoteric, sometimes satirical paintings and unique collage-making to his own method of screen printing, which consists of infusing ink with actual Quartz and other powerful minerals. This gives his finished pieces an energy to offer themselves. Heavily influenced by his love of traveling, fondness of lost objects and shamanic practices, Viktor truly puts himself into his work. A self-described Lightworker, Viktor’s art transcends the initial physical attraction; it is received as medicine for the soul.


An active member of the art and music community in the neighborhood of Deep Ellum in east Dallas, Viktor can commonly be seen in the middle of it all, from hanging out with local shop owners to hooking up passersby with his screen printed originals. His positive and upbeat energy can be seen and felt wherever his work is on display throughout the city, and he is definitely a staple in the underground scene. His work has been featured in multiple galleries and art festivals, most recently the Deep Ellum Arts festival in Dallas, as well as in Phoenix and New Mexico.

For more information on Viktor Ortix’s work, you can find his Facebook here with contact info, his art and more.

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