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[Show Review] Mogwai at the Granada Theater in Dallas,TX | 4.23.2014

As I walked up to the front of The Granada, a line of anxious patrons wrapped the entire sidewalk as they waited for the doors to open. The atmosphere was lively and filled with energy, as it had been some time since Glastonbury based Mogwai had last graced the states, much less Dallas alone. I knew this would be the start to a very unique show.

I first heard Mogwai on the soundtrack to the movie Wicker Park when I was about 15 years old. The beginning of that song completely intrigued me with its start to a slow but steady piano intro. Once the initial interest took hold, I started looking up even more of the band’s work. I remember finally seeing their name as having an upcoming set at The Granada, and knew I had to take this opportunity to see the magic live!


Once inside the venue, it was clearly evident that everyone was more than ready to hear Mogwai. Places were already claimed, and most of the crowd were standing and ready an hour before the band had even taken the stage, mingling and socializing while the opening artist played in the background.

One thing that is truly apparent is that Mogwai has some very dedicated fans. As soon as the screen went down for sound check, everyone began screaming and cheering with anticipation. Those twenty agonizing minutes during sound and light check only teased and amped the crowd even more.

Finally, the screen goes up and the venue gets dark. The crowd cheers as dark blue lights bask the curtains, and the band walks onto the stage. Giving a warm welcome to Dallas, Mogwai started off the already memorable set, “Heard About You Last Night”.

The crowd settles and everyone instantly begins following the beat to the song as it starts. Mogwai connected with their audience strongly, most of their songs having instrumental scores filled with loud, heart pounding drums and incredible rhythm. There was one magical moment in particular, that the whole floor was in awe of; and that was the appearance of Luke Sutherland on violin.

The whole audience was silent during that song. I could tell everyone felt pefectly at home, in their Mogwai little worlds. The entire set was nearly all instrumental; a first time experience for me. Strange and enticing, it made me realize just how Mogwai mesmerizes their fans with their tremendous passion and talent.

I have never felt my entire body move to instrumentals like I did at this show; and I think everyone in attendance that night would say the same thing. We danced, cheered and head bobbed to heart racing drum solos and stood in silent awe of the sensual and chill set.

The concert felt like it went by in a race, and we only wanted more after their last song. We cheered for an encore of what felt like a good ten minutes. Once we saw the sound guys walk back to the stage and check the bands’ instruments, we all yelled out in relief and joy and got ready for the last impromptu round of epic psychedelic noise.

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