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All Black Lives Matter March in Los Angeles | June 14th, 2020

It was powerful.

“All Black Lives Matter”. Photo by Nancy Nguyen

As I attended the Los Angeles’ massive march for Black Lives Matter, my heart felt so full and so broken at the same time.

But this is what needs to happen and there’s no time to be sad.

Racism needs to be headlined and addressed.

Photo by Nancy Nguyen

It needs to be uncomfortable and front and centered because this is how you spark notion and teach.

The people in political power founded this country and continue to run the entirety of its operations based on racism to OPPRESS the Black community and PROFIT off of them.

Photo by Nancy Nguyen

This way of living has created stereotypes and injustices throughout history that should have never been there in the first place.

Photo by Nancy Nguyen

I’m here to use whatever resources and hands I have to help change – for the first time in history – for People of Color to not have to live in fear, to receive all reparations, to fire and CONVICT all dirty, bitchass cops and to rebuild an economy and society that revolves around equality.


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2 thoughts on “All Black Lives Matter March in Los Angeles | June 14th, 2020

  1. This is awesome sis! Thank you for standing in solidarity and letting your words be a voice for change ❤

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