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Return to the Desert: What Keeps Us Coming Back for Gem & Jam Festival | January 31 – Feb 2, 2020

After taking a year off in 2019, Gem and Jam Festival are back to doing what they do best; throwing insane desert parties with a fine selection of art, gems and of course, jams from across the genre board. Music lovers from across the country will be traveling to Tucson for artists like Tipper, Billy Strings, The Floozies, Nobide, Manic Focus, Bluetech and many more.

World-class visuals, top tier artists and crisp desert air – it’s no wonder this festival has remained a gem of the southwest for the past 13 years.

We were able to catch up with the busiest man on the scene, event co-founder Josh Pollack and get the word on the return of Gem and Jam Festival. 

G&J news to keep in mind: 

In addition to booking great talent to keep attendees’ tastes fresh, what other aspects of the festival do you think are essential to keep people coming back? What sets Gem and Jam Festival apart from the rest of the live music circuit?

Gem & Jam has definitely evolved into an arts festival just as much as a music festival. Our offerings this year between the live painters, art galleries, craft vendors, theatrical performers and art installations mixed with our overall theme of gems and minerals are definitely the most unique elements. These set Gem & Jam apart from the rest of the festival circuit. A consistent accessibility of creative experiences for our fans has been a core value for Gem & Jam since its inception, and are essential for people’s overall enjoyment and keeps them engaged year after year. 

Where do you see the festival and its lineup being ten years from now?

We’ll continue to book a diverse array of genres, sounds and styles that represent our community. Also worth noting, we are utilizing just a small portion of the Pima County Fairgrounds, so we already have the dedicated space to grow into :)

How has the team behind Gem and Jam Festival changed from its inception to 2020?

It’s certainly transformed many times, and will likely continue to shift a little bit each year, which we believe is all for the best! As the festival has grown, our family has grown along with it, and we’re thrilled to see where it takes us.

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