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Shae District Drops New Single “Semsilia” | Compose Yourself One Listen Review

Based in Denver, Colorado, Shae District returns after a year-long hiatus with their new single, “Semsilia”. The track’s wavy, uplifting vibe is the sonic representation of the weather warming as the seasons change. Stream “Semsilia” below and check out our Compose Yourself one-listen review!

“I started out with the idea of creating something around the tempo of ‘Today’ by ODESZA (one of our all-time favorite tracks), but with a totally different mood. I wanted to make something bouncy and happier, and the track grew out of that headspace.” said Andrew.

The track kicks off with a faint twinkle reminiscent of a wind chime lightly blowing in the breeze. A catchy melody is quickly introduced along with hard hitting kicks and claps. Faded “ohhhs” are heard in the background adding a harmonizing twist to the original melody. The District does a nice job of pulling back just before the first drop which comes about 45 seconds in. The use of sparkly arpeggiators does a good job of filling this one out. The melody is so catchy and gives the track some serious flavor; transitioning using a powerful vocal sample, the track then plays into a heartfelt piano solo. The follow up gives me strong Odseza build-up vibes as the vocals are reintroduced and the song moves forward and gives the main keyboard chord progression more emphasis. A wavy outro takes this one home, and my mouse is headed straight for the “favorite” button.

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