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Visionary art, eco-conscious yogawear and spiritual intention: there’s real magic behind the Amanda Sage Collection [Interview]

The latest from visionary artist Amanda Sage comes The Shaman, just recently premiering to the world earlier this month. Combining unisex clothing with a eco-conscious mission, the Amanda Sage Collection offers lovingly crafted garments with each featuring one of Sage’s inspirationally imbued designs. As one of the visionary art scene’s most celebrated creators, Amanda Sage has the ability to open the mind’s eye with her vivid and spiritual intentions, and matching that with high vibrational clothing is taking it another step further.

Made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly water based inks, these are proof that guilt free shopping does exist! Crop tops, joggers, shorts, and ponchos are among their most popular garb, but Sage has even bigger plans in store for 2017. She began showing an heavy interest in art and fashion as a young girl, and today she continues to fuse her passions together through each collection she premieres. Earlier this month during Lucidity Festival in California, Amanda Sage debuted The Shaman line to much celebration, and it is finally available online as well.

“The Shaman” by Amanda Sage

We were more than excited for an opportunity to ask Amanda a few questions during the premiere of her biggest endeavor yet. Read on we talk about the new activewear line, our unified relationship with the divine feminine, and what’s on the horizon for 2017.

Interview by Buckley Rue

CYM: Your mentor told you to ‘listen to learn to see’ – how has listening affected your work?

When I create something new, out of the great void of potential, I open my senses and become receptive. Listening is a passive act, and there is a lot to be found here. I ask for support from spirit, for guidance in making decisions… for the path to be clear as a new creation is born.

CYM: How has your relationship with the divine feminine inspired your work?

From my understanding, everything is a result of the divine feminine and masculine in a relationship together. There seems to be a great forgetting around this though, and I see opportunity in helping a remembering to return. There is great peace anchored in those that are rooted in honest connection. When I paint, I am reminded to breathe and connect with the matter, and through this I leave reminders through the traces of my brush.

Yoga leggings from “THE SHAMAN”

CYM: How do you express intention through technique?

There is a symbiotic relationship and trust that I have between my intention and technique. I have adopted and developed a system that allows for great freedom in the development of an image. I trust this process and allow a variety of signals to direct. First I dive from the light of potential into the dark of the womb… then I strive for the light as its’ first rays define form. This gives way for the craving of color in all it’s saturated glory… it’s a very sensual journey of discovery :)

CYM: Do you have any lectures or projects coming up?

Yes, so many exciting projects on the horizon! In June I will be live painting and exhibiting at the Tattoo Masquerade in Denver, June 2-4th… My partner Joe Bob Merritt and I will be hosting our first ‘Mixtek & Mystics’ Workshop in Gunnison, Colorado June 25 – July 2nd.To stay updated on events, exhibitions and workshops follow me on Instagram & Facebook under: amandasageart

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