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Collidoscope gives ‘Around The World’ a Taste of the Funk with New Remix of the Daft Punk Classic [Song Review]

The Collidoscope crew gives ‘Around The World’ a colorful taste of the funk with their newest remix of the Daft Punk classic. Featuring some wicked guitar lickin’ from Diamond Cuts a.k.a. Vince Seidl of Resonant Frequency, Collidoscope’s funk’d up version of the widely loved song definitely does the cherished tune justice. These boys waste no time getting down and before the remix even makes it ninety seconds, a heavy dose of bass whomps it back to the days when dubstep was life and life was dubstep. Let us be real, the bass lover in me still gets the funk down, but Collidoscope takes it to fresher levels with their sweetly layered guitar riffs, groovy talk box beats and thoughtful production. Collidoscope’s ability to add an entirely funk-filled lens to such a timeless tune really demonstrates the band’s wide range of talents and capacity to span several genres while always making you want to dance (which is one of the most important things about music in my opinion!).

If you live in Denver, consider yourself extra #blessed (duh), because Collidoscope, who recently relocated to the Mile High City by way of Austin, Texas, is headlining Cervantes’ Other Side on December 19th! It is guaranteed to be a groovin’ Monday Night Menagerie with Green Hit and Wabakinoset. Here is the info and enjoy the Collidosopic jams.

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