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Picking Apart the Pigments with Collidoscope [Artist Interview]

Collidoscope is bringing the heat to the funk hungry masses with their fresh and sophisticated jam fusion. This Electro-funk, Jamtronica band from Austin, Texas, just recently relocated to colorful Colorado and have been settling right into this booming livetronica mecca. The band is composed of Hank Brigham (production/bass/sax), James Hatch (production/synth/keyboards) and the newest addition Jacob Muhle (drummer). We had a chance to sit down with the crew and ask them a few questions. Check it out below and get yourself familiar with this prismatic group.

CYM: Y’all just released a super funky remix of Phish’s ‘Tweezer’…how have the people enjoyed it so far?! I know we sure have.

The pressure of remixing a Phish song was definitely palpable,
but so far everyone has been very receptive to it. People always love when you take something familiar and put a unique twist on it, but only if you do it right. Uniting the jam and EDM worlds can be risky, but it has been really rewarding as it seems to be resonating with both camps.

CYM: You all just played a show at Tony P’s in Denver. How did
it go?

It was our first gig in Denver, late on a Thursday night, so we
were going into it with moderate expectations. This city really knows how to party! We were blown away by how many locals came out to boogie with us.

CYM: Rad! When can we expect some more tour dates?! I know lots of people are eager to get some more live Collido in their lives!

The company that booked our first show, Boogie Groove
Entertainment, has invited us to play a Louisiana Flood Relief benefit concert called Funk the Floods at the Globe Hall on September 30th. We also have a special Halloween show announcement on the way.

CYM: That sounds like a super dope event and for a good cause too! How do you choose which songs to remix?

Everyone has those songs that they really connect with. When the
members of the band all feel that way about a particular song, we are naturally drawn to playing around with it and exploring its potential. Sometimes it doesn’t amount to much and you abandon the thought, other times it really clicks and you dive in.

CYM: What is (each of y’all’s) favorite pizza slice?

Hank (production/bass/sax): Pepperoni and mushroom 

James (production/synth/keyboards): Meat. Lots of it. 

Jacob (drums): Margherita

CYM: How is Colorado treating y’all so far. I know you guys
recently moved from Texas (not sure if y’all all moved or just Hank???)

We both (Hank and James) moved into a house near Boulder and
quickly found our drummer Jacob. Colorado has been a breath of fresh air. We have been here so many times as visitors so it is really nice to finally be residents. We just put out ads for a new guitarist and we have gotten an overwhelming response. It is a good place to be for an electro-funk jamtronica band. 

CYM: Badass! What’s next for Collidoscope?

The move to Colorado felt like a new beginning and we
are using the opportunity to revamp our music/production in a big way! We are writing a bunch of new material (including another remix we are about to drop) and experimenting with our stage set up to try and bring more live improvisational elements to the show. We are putting together a small tour and festival dates for the Spring.

CYM: Lastly, CYM is all about doing what you love and sharing it
with the word. What does Collidoscope compose themselves of?!

Collidoscope is composed of the healing power of funk.

CYM: Word, everyone can use some of that healing funk! Thanks for talking with us and we will see you out on the road! 

Facebook || Soundcloud || Website || Instagram


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