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Collidoscope Just Dropped The Funkiest Remix Of ‘Shakedown Street’ We’ve Ever Heard [Song Review]

Collidoscope is a funky fresh group hailing from Austin,Texas. Composed of James Hatch on the keys/synth, Hank Brigham providing the rhythm, bass and sax, and Vince Seidl on guitar and production, Collidoscope fuses electro-funk bass and improvised jamtronica to create a full spectrum sound that just makes you want to move yo body and get the funk down. Generating music charged by the belief that the most extraordinary creations are brought to fruition when a multitude of experiences, musical palates and different characters mesh together, this group brings something organic to the dinner table of livetronica. Collidoscope fuses their live instruments with their driving love of 60’s and 70’s funk to compose a boundless sound with no rules.

Their most recent remix of ‘Shakedown Street,’ attests directly to their mission and is seriously the crunchiest, funkiest, most FUN remix of the jam band classic that our ears have had the pleasure of listening to. Sampling Nate Dawg’s vocals from Eminem’s ‘Shake That,’ you wonder if in world’s past, The Dead and Nate Dawg should’ve “Shaked that down to Shakedown Street” live in action. It’s all gravy though, because we can just listen to Colliscope’s remix on repeat and let our imaginations do the rest. Each original song or remix  these guys pump out is a unique adventure into soundscapes unknown and this newest remix is a prime example of what to expect from Collidoscope. Their live sets are where these boys truly come to life, because each is completely different and fueled by improvisation driven by the band’s flexible jamabilitiy. The group is currently in a fan fueled contest to play at ARISE Music Festival in Colorado August 5-7th, so if you dig their sound and want a chance to see them shine live, show them some love

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