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Lettuce Blesses Houston with the Funk for Night Two of Texas Run, November 3rd [Show Review]

After the heater that was San Antonio’s show, I was pondering just how the Lettuce boys would spice up the funk for Houston. Well, Houston, we do NOT have a problem. In fact, we have a solution: Funk heals. With an almost packed Warehouse LIVE, energy levels at an all time high and nothing but the force of music to sail us through the evening, the night was alive with opportunity. Opening with their newest release, “Mt. Crushmore,” Lettuce set the pace off proper, sliding into a most pleasurable version of “Get Greasy,” which literally occurred as the crowd’s sweaty bodies moved and shaked to the rhythm of the beat. A drawn out version of “Chief” cascaded its way into a personal favorite of mine “New Reel,” as Deitch took us on a powerful drum solo into band anthem, “Lettsanity.” 

Fortunately, Neal Evan’s Human Being hat and top of head made multiple appearances throughout the night, as the keyboarding wizard took us straight to the heart of the Funktion we RSVP’d to when purchasing tickets to the show. The band took us “Slippin” into darkness slowly with a mesmerizing trumpet solo from Bloom before the familiar chords leading into one of my favorite Tears for Fears songs queue’d up. Yes, Lettuce covered “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” and it was quite possibly the best version of the song I have heard live. Adam even lent his singing voice to the mix, taking the classic song to the next level. 

Lettuce is one of those bands that improves and betters their live performance with every single show played. The chemistry between the seven musicians is uncanny, infectious and undeniable. Bloom and Zoidis flaunt killer dance moves as they each dominate their prospective horns while simultaneously incorporating about ten different hand percussion instruments into the mix.

Jesus and Shmeeans are two peas in a pod, bouncing energy and sounds off each other’s guitars in the most electrifying way possible, leaving the listener in a total state of enamor. Shmeeans himself intro’d up “By Any Shmeeans Necessary” while Jesus domineered the bass line like he does best…and this is when the audience completely lost control. 

An extended and elaborated version of “Madison Square” filled eager hearts with that funky medicine before the boys stepped off stage to give our dancing feet a short break. Nigel Hall shortly stepped back up, letting his intoxifying vocals and spirit lift us higher with highly entertaining encores of “Sounds Like A Party” and “Do It Like You Do.” Thank you Lettuce for another soul quenching night of funky goodness and let me tell y’all, no one does it like y’all do

Set List

Mt. Crushmore

Get Greasy


New Reel


Neal Untitled

Slippin’ (Do it)

Remember The Children

Rule The World

Sam Huffs

By Any Shmeeans

Elephant Walk >

Madison Square


Sounds Like A Party

Do It Like You Do

#NeverMissALettuceShow #FunkHeals #LettuceFunk

All photos by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Magazine

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