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T-E-E-D, Kidnap Kid, Tiga, and more give standout performances at Minimal Effort Halloween 2016 | Los Angeles, California [Live Music Review]

Minimal Effort Halloween was maximum fun (I wonder how many mediocre bloggers have used that one already)! But actually, Minimal Effort last Saturday was a great event. It is clear that they did not sell as many tickets as they wanted because LA Center Studios was practically empty, but this allowed the people who did attend to maximize their party efforts. LA Center Studios is a perfect location for this kind of event because it is nestled in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and the views of the surrounding metropolis at night are picturesque.  

I spent the night cruising from stage to stage listening to some seriously legendary DJs play amazing music. It was actually kind of strange to walk the venue expecting one stage to be ‘the best’ only to realize that every artist at the party was absolutely bomb.

There was really a little bit of everything for everyone. Those who like happy vibes got theirs just as those with darker inclinations got theirs. It wasn’t even separated by DJ – each and every set I saw played both inclinations of music and really worked the crowd.

Among my favorites of the night were Tensnake, Steve Bug, Kidnap Kid, T-E-E-D, and Tiga. I don’t really want to say “they killed it” or “their sets were fire” cause that’s cheesy and doesn’t actually say anything about the music they played. They played good music and got the party going. Each DJ spun a variety of music ranging from heavy techno to fun disco tracks. 

Tiga was the standout of the night by playing his first live set in LA. I had never seen him before and was pleasantly surprised by the perfect balance of fun catchy lyrics and dark, thumping bass. His live renditions of “Bugatti,” “Shoes,” and “Girls” were on point and it had the crowd freakin’ out. Tiga rides the border between hilarity and creepiness in a lot of his songs but he nails it. As the last show of the night, he truly closed the party out in style. If you haven’t caught Tiga live yet check him out in a city near you! 

Furthermore it was great to see all the good ladies and gentlemen in their festive Halloween costumes, all except for the true techno snobs out there. Those guys have no fun, and probably don’t even know how to dance. I’d say they were in costume but they always wear the same thing; black t-shirts and pants. I applaud their commitment.

I arrived a little later than anticipated so I missed Satori: Live, Human Resources, Cooper Saver, and Matt Ossentjuk but I’ll be sure to catch them the next time they’re around.

So that’s it! Its a short article this time absent of BS philosophizing on parties and human interaction. Minimal Effort was a great party, don’t miss it if it rolls through a city near you!

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