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Our Most Anticipated Supergroup Performances for this years’ Brooklyn Comes Alive 2016! | October 22nd, 2016 in New York

 Brooklyn Comes Alive returns Oct. 22, for another ‘Day of Musical Collaboration Across Williamsburg’. The jam packed lineup features super-group formations from members of Lettuce, Dead & Co., Primus, Break Science, The String Cheese Incident, The Disco Biscuits, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Snarky Puppy and many many more. If you have never heard of this event, all you need to know is that it’s nothing but a good old funkin’ party!

What makes Brooklyn Comes Alive so unique in addition to its’ super-group formations, is that every artist is equally as excited to jam with each other as the fans are to listen. It’s a shared mutual experience of fun and authenticity that really sets this event apart from the rest. We here at CYM are beyond stoked to catch this one of a kind experience to share with you. For now, we’ll give you a quick rundown of some of our most anticipated super-groups to witness at this years’ Brooklyn Comes Alive!

Earth Wind & Power (The Nth Power, Oteil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Natalie Cressman, Skerik, The Shady Horns, Farnell Newton, and Danny Sadownick) This massive group is guaranteed to supply a solid fix of classic EWF/Motown and funk grooves, with explosions of improvisation at any moment. We’re hoping the group squeezes out more than just the biggest hits though and dives deep into some of the softer side of EWF. It would be quite a treat to hear this supergroup break it down into some of the slower ballads like “Can’t Hide Love” and “That’s The Way Of The World” or even the 1974 classic “Devotion.” I can just picture The Shady Horns subtle touch of brass gently topping over this one.

Earth, Wind, and Fire – ‘Devotion’

Breaking Biscuits (Adam Deitch, Borahm Lee, Aaron Magner Marc Brownstein)

The suspense is killing us waiting to see what Break Science and the Disco Biscuits are cooking up for their super-group set. Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee of Break Science are sonic pioneers, melding bass heavy electronic music with hip hop and funky jams. They both excellent musicians and producers, keeping huge crowds dancing across the country with Break Science and Pretty Light’s Analog Future Band. Aaron Magner and Marc Brownstein have a very different, rocked-out style and have been crushing it for many years leading the jam scene with the Disco Biscuits and Electron.  Electron and Break Science live band were firmly in our top 5 sets at Catskill Chill this year, both oozing groove and psychedelia in their distinctive styles, all with a continuous flow usually reserved for great DJs. Don’t pass up the chance to see these dope flavors combine for the first time ever!

Break Science – ‘Chronoviser’

Catch Deitch and Lee again in a tribute set to the legendary J Dilla, sure to satisfy all beat-heads as they bring some of the best hip-hop of all time to life.  Deitch will also be taking the stage with John Medeski and Skerik as DRKWAV – for some far out extraterrestrial funk jams.  Be sure to head over to Brownie’s DJ set too, at last year’s Brooklyn Comes Alive he threw down an awesome opening to the Orchard Lounge finale!

Tim Palmieri and Friends – (Tim Palmieri, Dan Edinbugh, Jen Durkin, Rob Somerville, Alan Evans)

Don’t stand too close, because jam guitar hero Tim Palmieri ( Kungfu, Pink Talkingfu) is going to melt your face.  Reliably delivering singing lead lines, blistering solos and tasteful comping to every set he plays Tim is hands down one of the best guitarists in the jam scene right now.

The super-group he is bringing together is full of formidable musicians as well like Alan Evans (Soulive) and Rob Somerville (Kungfu, Deep Banana Blackout).  


Get your tickets now! This is a one of a kind event you don’t want to miss.

Tickets | Official
Preview by Kyle Miller & Jackson Rogow

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