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Endless Summer: Chatting it up with Viceroy [Artist Interview]

Performing at last month’s Splash House in Palm Springs, Viceroy is truly the Sultan of Summer. A bashful smile and a love for all things Hawaiian, Austen Afridi truly embodies everything about those endless summer vibes. His set during SH’s Saguaro pool was one of our highlights from the weekend, and we’re still riding that high supplied only by Viceroy himself.

If you’ve yet to dive into this producer’s poppy melodies and remixes, we urge you to do so in order to get that last taste of summer. We were stoked to have the chance to chat it up with Austen last week, and we’re crossing our fingers to see him at Splash House in 2017.

CYM: You’re a staple in the summer tour circuit. What have been your favorite parties that had significant and standout moments?

Viceroy: I had a blast playing my hometown (San Francisco) at Mezzanine back in May. There’s nothing better than having all your homies at the show!

CYM: Splash House is definitely one of our favorite summer parties, and we loved your set. If you get a chance to stay in town, do you usually stay at the festival to mingle?

V: I love Splash House too – I’m the only artist left who has played every year it’s been put on! I always stay for the whole weekend to hang out.

CYM: Where did the decision to implement a live saxophonist come in?

V: About a year ago. I have even more going on with my live show that I’m currently working on.

CYM: What are three songs that always put you in a good mood, regardless of the situation?

V: Grateful Dead – Eyes Of The World, A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?, Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place

CYM: Last but certainly not least, what do you compose yourself of?

V: I am composed of pineapples and margaritas.

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