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Beloved 2016 was one for the ages | Tidewater, Oregon August 12th-15th, 2016 [Event Review]

I know that I will not be soon forgetting all there was to experience at Beloved out in beautiful Tidewater Falls, Oregon during August 12th-14th. This festival brings forth a journey that no other event can bring – from the single main stage music area; the enlightened, open, free-flowing vibe; the amazing diverse rainforest like atmosphere that surrounds you, and being right next to the producers as they share their music while playing in the middle of the dance floor… Beloved provides all those attending with the chance to truly experience something special.

Photo by Michael Drummond

Beloved keeps their ticket sales to around 2,500 sold tickets, so the attendance at the festival creates a loving, close-knit, family vibration that continues to resonate year after year. The music only plays at one area of the festival and can please all sorts of crowds with well known electronic artists like Tipper, Ott., Clozee, Atyya, JPOD, Subaqueous, and instrumental, earthly tunes from artists like Mike Love and Youssabha Sidibe, Rising Appalachia, Trevor Hall, Everyone Orchestra and more.

The most special and intimate experience at Beloved is getting to be right next to the producer in the middle of the dance floor as they are sharing their art. You get to observe very closely as the artist creates an individual sound environment for the crowd to move and groove to. Only certain artists choose to share their musical art in the middle of the dance floor and every time it happens, one feels gratitude, appreciation, and a certain personal closeness with themselves, the rest of the crowd, and even the universe itself…

Photo by Michael Drummond

Beloved calls upon each of those who attend to embrace life fully, to live each moment in all of its true glory, and to freely express how each of us feels and to be who it is that we truly are. The event invites us all to show respect in each and every experience and to realize that each of those around us is actually truly some form of a reflection of ourselves. We are all loved. We can all be loved – Be loved…

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