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5 Reasons Enchanted Forest Gathering is a Unique Festival Experience

Enchanted Forest Gathering happening July 22nd – 24th, 2016, in Laytonville, CA is merely ten days away! Considered the premiere boutique transformational festival on the West Coast, EFG distinguishes itself by focusing on activating personal growth within its participants, inspiring collective sharing and redefining conscious celebration. Here are five features that set Enchanted Forest Gathering apart from other festivals.

1) 50+ Mind and Movement Workshops

EFG is just as much about the mind and movement as it is about music. Participants can expand their consciousness in four carefully curated workshop zones designed to invigorate and deepen connection with the self and others. The learning workshops will be led by visionaries on the topics of relationships & sexuality, science & spirituality, nourishment and health & wellness

Designed to enhance the body and therefore the overall festival experience, EFG’s yoga, flow and movement workshops are hosted by yogis and flow masters from around the world. Over 25 yoga classes will be offered through out the weekend including shamanic yoga, breathing techniques and a variety of fun, flow classes. Aside from yoga, attendees can learn and expand their practice in flow workshops like staff, poi and hula hooping as well as immerse themselves in dance classes including a twerkshop.

2) Alcohol Free and Healthy

EFG offers a safe and alcohol-free environment which serves as fertile ground for a new kind of festival experience and a container for an experimental way of lifeWhile alcohol may not be present, EFG hosts no less of a party atmosphere with an emphasis on conscious movement and dance, as a return to our bodies and an alternative to alcohol. 

Even the world’s funkiest diplomat, The Polish Ambassador, shares these values as he stated “I think it is totally rad that they have embraced a no-alcohol festival model. It encourages people to get high on life and try new things they otherwise may not!”

This experiment inspires attendees to find deeper, more meaningful stimulation free of alcohol, setting a remarkably different tone for a gathering and encouraging new kinds of expression. As an alternative to booze, scattered across the festival grounds are delicious herbal elixir bars, tea lounges, and cacao drinks for loving consumption, which allow attendees to create a lasting buzz complete with delightful bodily effects that can be remembered in the morning.

3) Ticket Sales Capped at 3,000

With the ever increasing number of large festivals in the US, EFG has chosen to stand apart and limit its attendance to 3K people. This decision, strongly supported by festival patrons, promotes an intimate environment and encourages limitless self expressionWithout the concerns of overbearing crowds, long lines, and disconnect within the community, attendees can completely let go and project their true inner self, free of worry, the ultimate goal of festival organizers.

With such a small crowd attendees are more likely to make heart to heart connections as they have opportunities to repeatedly engage with new and existing friends, which helps deepen the overall experience and community. Limiting attendance also grants patrons more freedom in their camping experience. Instead of being told precisely where and how to set up their campsite, EFG campers are free to make camp where and how they please

4) Family Friendly

The Gathering is all about creating a collective, conscious environment for everyone, including the kiddos! With small attendance numbers, parents can rest easy and let the little ones roam and explore without getting lost in the masses. The no alcohol policy also promotes a sense of comfort and safety for kids and adults alike. EFG even has a kids zone, the Montessori-themed Kidslandia includes a playground, creation station, puppet theater and much more to delight the imagination in children of all ages. Parents can choose to hang and play with the little ones or purchase a day-care package.

5) Safe Place for Maximum Self Expression & #FreeTheNipple

The ultimate reason behind prohibiting alcohol and limiting attendance is to promote a safe environment for maximum self expression. Attendees remain more present, conscious, clear and connected when alcohol is out of the picture and they do not feel overwhelmed by large crowds. This clear, connected consciousness opens the gate inward allowing one to project their true selves and harness and illuminate their individuality, fully clothed — or not!

The festival has always stood behind the mottos that “Safe is sexy and consent is mandatory” and that being naked is not about being sexual, it’s about being free. The Gathering is proud to embrace and help promote the message of equality at the core of the #FreeTheNipple campaign. With attendee comfort and positivity being of the utmost importance to the festival, Enchanted Forest Gathering leads the way in allowing this form of expression at a festival.

We hope to see you at Black Oak Ranch!

Jam our all EFG artist mix tape on your way to The Gathering!

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