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[Album Review] Sonic Geometry Sets Sail on a Cosmic Voyage with New EP “Islands of the Blessed” | Out March 15th, 2016 via Street Ritual

Denver based producer Sonic Geometry has unveiled his official debut EP, “Islands of the Blessed” on Street Ritual. The west-coast based label specializes in “conscious bass music” that aims to inspire and enlighten listeners. Sonic Geometry’s initial Street Ritual release could not speak to these ideas more vividly as the four track EP guides listeners through a sea of deep bass and exotic melodies that swim through ambient and melodic textures that excite a conscious flow through sound and space.

Sonic Geometry is the unique project curated by producer/guitarist Andy Beyer. When performing live Beyer combines elements of rock, glitch electronica, and break-beat grooves that effortlessly blend with a visual display of intricacy and psychedelia.

While straying from the sound of previous releases that contain a more rock-fueled, jamtronica approach, “Islands of the Blessed” takes the listener on a deeper, more relaxed journey. The opening song, “Seashells” is an immediate introduction to this transformative sound. Ocean waves breathe behind a tropical synth bounce that carries an electro-funk groove and allows for a fun listen and ideal way to set sail for a cosmic cruise.

Traveling from the fractal island, Sonic Geometry drifts through nicely on “Plush Waves.” The second track from the EP continues on with a tropical atmosphere and chilled out vibes. A rich layering of exotic sounds and melodies, “Plush Waves” produces a bright and calming atmosphere that pushes the EP smoothly along its voyage.

Sonic Geometry performing in 2015 via Facebook

Midway through the release, Sonic Geometry continues with a slow and haunting track. “Shipwreck” takes this originally sunny and illuminating story into a dark and ambient place. “Shipwreck” brings a deep, soulful element to the EP that is grounded with a heavy break-beat and steady guitar strums. An emotive ride that adds depth to the EP as a whole.

The final track, “Sunken Cities,” slowly brings the listener out from under the ambient-heavy blanket. Beginning with a slow and easy beat accompanied by light guitar leads, the track gives off a hopeful and relaxing sentiment before exploding with a juicy, bass-heavy center. “Sunken Cities” features electronic duo and Denver contemporaries, Second Species, which helped beef up the bass lines for the triumphant EP’s finale.

“Islands of the Blessed” is a clear demonstration of not only how Sonic Geometry can alter his sound, but also on Beyer’s ability to produce a complete and cohesive release. As Sonic Geometry continues to evolve expect to see this artist on more festival lineups, as he has previously rocked stages at Sonic Bloom, Euphoria, and ARISE.

Official | SoundCloud | Street Ritual

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