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[Live Review + Photo Gallery] Beck gives riveting performance at this year’s McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2016

Article and photos courtesy of guest contributor/photographer Michael Stein.

On Friday night it was American singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Beck who was chosen to close out the night on round one of the three-night McDowell Mountain Music Festival held in Margaret T. Hance Park located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Beck’s touring band sounded really tight, including longtime drummer Joey Waronker, guitarist Jason Falkner, bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen and keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning Jr., all of whom performed in some capacity on Beck’s latest Grammy award winning album “Morning Phase”. However, on this Friday night Beck opted to not play a single song from this album.

Photo by Michael Stein at McDowell Mountain Music Festival for Compose Yourself Mag

Instead, Beck choose to funkify the sultry Phoenix air laced with a heavy selection of tunes off his classic Guero and Odelay albums.

The crowd went crazy and danced all night as Beck played up to the Phoenix crowd and sent everyone home happy with his classic sensation hits “Loser” and “Where Its At”.











Set List, Beck 3/11/2016

1. Devils Haircut

2. Black Tambourine &

3. The New Pollution

4. Think Im In Love/ I Feel Love $

5. Mixed Bizness

6. Gamma Ray

7. Go It Alone #

8. Hell Yes

9. Que Onda Guero

10. Soul Of A Man

11. Lost Cause+

12. Paper Tiger+

13. Dreams

14. Girl

15. Sexx Laws

16. E-Pro Encore:

17. Jack-Ass

18. Sissyneck/Billy Jean 19. Loser 20. Where Its At +Acoustic $ Donna Summers Cover # Co-written w/ Jack White & Bo Diddley

All photos by Michael Stein for Compose Yourself Mag.

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