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Woman Crush Wednesday | Aerial Skills Artist Luna Mae Dances her way into our hearts

Luna Mae, our dazzling crush of the week, comes to you from Santa Cruz, California and we couldn’t be more stoked to share with you about this beautiful soul!

Photo by Lauren Marrone

Luna Mae began her dancing career when she started hooping back in 2011. She soon after began incorporating fire with hooping and her love for the performing arts skyrocketed from there.  In 2012, she watched her first aerial silks performance at Lightning in a Bottle Festival and was so inspired, she knew it was her next exploration into her love of dance and movement.  Since then, Luna has been performing around the San Francisco Bay area whenever she gets the opportunity. Past events include performing at 1015 Folsom with Trap City in San Fran, with Euphoric Conceptions, with Camp Question Mark, at the Superhero Street Fair and of course where we first spotted her, Northern Nights Music Festival.

Upcoming events for Luna Mae include Gem and Jam festival’s 10th anniversary in Tucson, Arizona, where she will be showcasing her aerial skills for the first time at a festival! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Luna Mae around the bay area, at Gem and Jam, Burning Man and other fests this season. We sure are excited to see how Luna’s hard work and dedication to the Aerial dance form has manifested itself, especially at a place as special as Gem and Jam. Thanks for sharing how you compose yourself through your talent and bright spirit, Luna Mae!

photo by Shellsea Rayne

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