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5 Things To Expect From Envision Festival in Costa Rica | February 25th – 28th, 2016

Envision Festival is a gathering that not only speaks for itself, but also stands in a league of its own. By catering to each attendee’s individual experience through workshops, music, and a strong & helpful community, it’s easy to immerse yourself in every detail of the journey ahead. Dance beyond your boundaries. Dive into the open waters of your true future and embrace your spiritual self. Envision celebrates life through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance and more. This festival is designed to leave you asking ‘What do I envision?’

 5. You will fall madly in love with Uvita

It’s been said that travel is the key to the soul, so we can imagine that spiritual desire is part of what prompts most to make their first trip to Envision. Never underestimate the healing power a beautiful environment can have on the soul; making the exotic jungle of Uvita your home for the week is a damn good start. You truly never know what magic lies just beyond each new step you take. Outside of the festival you can treat yourself to horseback riding on the beach, waterfall hikes, a myriad of physical activities, and jungle expeditions while you familiarize yourself with this small humble village.

4. See an artist you’ve never heard of, and bring your tribe, too

When a line-up this stellar, we couldn’t imagine more musical bliss than having the likes of Shpongle, Beats Antique, Dirtwire and more serenading us on the beaches of Uvita. But can you imagine the wonderful strangeness of stumbling upon one of Envision’s many late night dance sets? Whirling to our newly discovered favorite artists in the jungle sounds like a perfect Saturday night if we’re being completely honest.

 3. You’ll leave a better Human Being

With Envision offering dozens of workshops on sustainability, eco awareness and more, it’s very easy to find your niche in which you can give back. From their festival-wide composting system to their endless variety of educational workshops on sustainability, this is one festival you can feel proud to be apart of. Following the ‘Pack In Pack Out’ axiom, Costa Rica is at the forefront when it comes to being a world leader in sustainability awareness. In fact, 2016 will mark the first year Envision will be doing away with port-a-potties and implementing a compost toilet system instead.

Via BettyandKora

Arriving early to Costa Rica? Join the Permaculture Action Day, where you’ll be getting your hands dirty with The Polish Ambassador and other fellow attendees by planting fruit trees at local schools and education centers.

2. Lose yourself to dance

With Envision playing host to some of the most incredible dance performers in the world, you can definitely expect to spend more than 90% of your time celebrating movement and expression. No, we aren’t only talking about dancing across the floor to your favorite producer, no, we mean dancing for no reason at all. We definitely encourage you to attend at least one of the workshops, and promise you’ll discover the simple beauty in letting your body flow. Digging your toes into the sand simply because your body wants you to, throwing your hands to the sky in honest celebration of life – that’s what we’re talking about.

1. Anything and everything

The beauty of a soul awakening festival in an exotic land is having the opportunity to let your third eye wander.  The best way to do so is to open yourself to having absolutely zero expectations. So, what better place to free yourself than at a gathering such as Envision?  Get shaken to your core; have your beliefs questioned and challenged. Step outside of that comfort zone, and get familiar with your inner self while you connect with others on that very same wavelength. Inspire yourself with walks through the many meditation gardens, or, have your mind blown by incredible works of art. The wonders that await are endless – Let Envision awaken your senses, and allow yourself to change your world.

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