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[FESTIE FRIDAY] Just 3 weeks until Gem and Jam’s 10th Anniversary! Tips, Tricks and Don’t Forget’s

Gem and Jam is only three weeks away, so we threw together a little list of tips, tricks and don’t forget’s to make this year the best yet. Whether you’re a seasoned jammer or a fresh newbie, we got you covered on how to make the most of your trip to Tucson next month!

PRE-PARTIES: For all you Colorado folk, Thursday January 28th is the official Gem and Jam kick off at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver featuring Exmag, Defunk, The PARTY People and Jason Burruss & Sassfactory. Friday, January 29th will be the kick off party in Fort Collins at Hodi’s Half Note and will feature the same lineup in addition to iLL Banks with Jason Burruss. If you are making the trek to Tucson for Gem and Jam’s 10th Anniversary this year, don’t forget the epic official pre-party festivities taking place Thursday, February 11th at The Flycatcher in Tucson. The party will kick-off with performances from Spafford, The Magic Beans, The Bennu, Jyshua Pcalyps and Elektra Tek. Tickets are all on sale and you can find them here:

Denver || Fort Collins || Tucson

THE GEM “Show”: The Gem half of Gem and Jam is very important to be informed about. While there are official sites and showcases at more than forty places sprawled over town in grand halls, hotels and roadside camps, be sure to check out EVERYthing you see. This is the time to score BIG on all those crystals and minerals you have been eyeing, so check prices, quality and deals all weekend long to be sure to get the best bang for your buck. Vendors and gem dealers will be all over the place, including in front of that motel 6 you are staying at, so don’t neglect those dealers either. Oh, and be sure to check out the free seminars and the Junior Education Center for the kids, too! More details here: Tucson Gem Show

KEEP IN MIND: Even though the weather will be pretty mild mid-february, be sure to pack for an adventurous weekend. We are going to the desert, people! Temperatures will fluctuate in the 40’s for the lows and 60’s for the highs. This is only an assumption and as Outkast says, “you can paint a pretty picture, but you can’t predict the weather,” so prepare yourself accordingly. As with any festival or musical event, STAY HYDRATED, folks! Water is the elixir of life and you can never have enough, so bring those reusable bottles, camel backs or be prepared to buy water inside the grounds!

DON’T FORGET: Hoops and poi ARE welcome inside the event, so bring all those toys to entertain yourselves and others with while roaming the grounds! Remember, you can never have enough paint, glitter, fun signs, bubbles and COSTUMES. The festival is your playground for the weekend, but remember to always treat it with respect. More guidelines here: FAQ

TIPS: If you haven’t booked a place to stay, do it! Hotels will fill up. If you’re feeling extra budget savvy, book a place with a free continental breakfast to get started with a full belly and caffeinated and/or juiced up brain daily. Airbnb is also a wonderful option these days and there are still plenty of houses up for grabs for the weekend. If a hotel isn’t your style, there are plenty of camping options in close proximity to the festival. Check them out here and book a site: Camping Info. Take advantage of the shuttles- and your feet! Gem and Jam will offer shuttles from hotels to the festival, so jump on those and save yourself and the earth a little effort by carpooling and not having to park. It also isn’t a far walk from the main hotels to the fest, so don’t be afraid to get extra exercise on top of all the dancing that will be taking place.

ART ART and more ART: Gem and Jam is all about celebrating the art and ethos of the Gem and Mineral community along with entertainment and visual arts, which is where the festival idea originated 10 years ago. There will be live artists, art installations, performing artists and more ALL over the festival and the city for that matter. Be sure to take the extra time to soak in and appreciate all the talent and beauty that will be surrounding you all weekend. You never know what will inspire you or even change your life.

WORKSHOPS: Gem and Jam offers a variety of workshops for humans of all ages! Check out the schedules and get more info here: Workshops

LATE NIGHTS: HELLS BELLS! Gem and Jam just announced the official late night after shows and we are beyond thrilled. Check them out and get yo tickets while they’re hot!



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