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[Show Review] Winter Wonderlust, featuring Jason Burruss, Androcell, Toybox, and kLL sMTH Presented By Far Side Emporium | December 12th, 2015

I’ve been to a lot of one night art oriented parties that provide a much different feel than most places. However, Far Side Emporium‘s Winter Wonderlust was certainly one of the most unique. Usually vendors and artists line a wall or two leaving the rest of the space open for dancing and socializing, but about half of this space was dedicated to all of that. With multiple couches set up right in the middle, it was sure to provide for some serious chilling. In addition to hosting so many talented artists, free dabs, free drinks, great music, chair massages, and a high volume of like-minded people, the night was sure to be a success.

Jason Burruss, one of the people who helped make this party possible, opened up the first ninety minute slot DJing a good mix of music accompanied by the night’s special guest: Dillard. Next Androcell ripped into some more uptempo dubbiness for the next hour. Dillard got back on for a tweener to throw down some heavier wubs followed by over an hour of Toybox lightening things up with his guitar. Jason got on stage for one more tweener before the night’s headliner, kLL sMTH. As always, his set bounced all over the place from the squish he is most known for to some of his fresh takes on drum and bass he has been delving into recently. At times he was joined by a duo of beautifully flowing dancers that jumped on and off stage all night. The beats moved them and the rest of the room as kLL sMTH diplayed the top notch sound design that has made a name for him recently. Afterwards, Dillard hopped back on stage as everything wrapped up.

Every time I go to an event like this that is driven by such positive energy, it revitalizes me. Nothing quite does it like being surrounded by a bunch of loving and motivated weirdos. I meet more and more people directly involved with the expansion of this community constantly which shows that this movement is only growing faster and faster. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible. I hope to see more events from the same production company in the near future.

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