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Stacey Rupolo

[Show Review + Photo Gallery] Dashboard Confessional + Third Eye Blind At Fillmore Auditorium In Denver, Colorado July 9th, 2015

Article + Photos by Stacey Rupolo.

Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional, together, for one night of amazing music? Be still, my high school heart. Playing to a sold out audience at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on July 9, 2015, Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional rocked out with amazing energy in a performance that was truly satisfying for long time fans of both bands. Opening act Augustana, a San Diego band that is best known for their song “Boston”, warmed up the crowd for what was to be an incredible night of music. This tour comes after the much-anticipated release of Third Eye Blind’s first studio album in six years, Dopamine.

 Stacey Rupolo
Dashboard Confessional performing in Denver July 9th, 2015. Photo by Stacey Rupolo

Dashboard delivered a wonderfully energetic show complete with a few sing-alongs with lead singer Chris Carrabba and the audience. Carrabba’s charisma and energy was truly captivating as he transitioned from guitar to keyboard and back again and it was clear that he reveled in every moment spent on stage singing to his fans.

Third Eye Blind rocked out the Fillmore with an energy that seemed to be built on the confidence of years worth of success. From seeing this one single performance, it was clear to me why these musicians have managed to maintain a solid fan base for over 20 years. In an effort to promote their newest album, Stephan Jenkins announced that he didn’t care how fans got the album, whether by purchasing it or stealing it online, as long as they listened. What could have been interpreted as a desperate plea for new listeners, I interpreted as an artist secure enough in their work to take pleasure in simply sharing their art with the world.

 Stacey Rupolo
Third Eye Blind performing at the Fillmore in Denver July 9th, 2015. Photo by Stacey Rupolo

Minimal stage decoration gave them room to play and dance while delivering the hazy, raw, and bittersweet energy of the 90s. Jenkins delivered his incredible vocal cadence that has, miraculously, not diminished over the years.

Highlights from the evening included Stephan Jenkins performing an acoustic cover of “Mine” by Beyonce, Third Eye Blind’s cover of “Paper Planes” by M.I.A., and a killer drum solo by drummer Brad Hargreaves. The crowd responded incredibly to their radiant energy, singing along to their most popular singles “How’s It Gonna Be” and “Semi-Charmed Life.” Third Eye Blind finished the night with “God of Wine,” from their self-titled album, which that left the audience brimming with smiles as they departed the Fillmore to step out into a rainy Denver night.

All photos by Stacey Rupolo for Compose Yourself Mag


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