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[Review + Photo Gallery] Our Top 10 Most Memorable Moments of Sasquatch Music Festival 2015

Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag

All we can can say is Sasquatch Music Festival was up to festival par. From the unique lineup featuring acts that cannot be seen anywhere else this Summer, to the most gorgeous scenery we have ever laid eyes on, this fest impressed us on all levels. Although we enjoyed every minute of the experience, we have pinned our top ten most memorable instances this year at the Gorge for you to relive the fest through.

Odesza performing at Sasquatch Music Festival 2015. Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag.
  1. Odesza

Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches) have been reviving the EDM game since 2012 and it was a privilege being able to see the duo do their thing in action under the El Chupacabra tent this year. The two played all the crowd favorites and Zyra even made a live appearance singing vocals for “Say My Name.” Their electric and hypnotic set closed up Saturday night and left every member of the audience entranced and ready to dance far into the night. With multiple #1 hits and remixes in the last year alone, Odesza is on a wild ride that seems to have no end as they continue headlining festivals and shows across the world.

St. Paul and The Broken Bones performing at Sasquatch 2015. Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag.
  1. St. Paul and the Broken Bones

This sextet hailing from Birmingham, Alabama literally brought the worship Sunday at Sasquatch and surely revived every crowd member’s faith in heart wrenching soul music. Paul Janeway, the band’s front man who originally destined himself a preacher, moves the crowd with his fiery, passionate and unforgettable sound. He takes his audience back to the likes of Al Green or Marvin Gaye, and you definitely aren’t ready for what this small man has packed into those vocal chords. The set list rolled out perfectly and the band took us all for an emotional, heart-warming roller coaster ride playing their up-beat ‘booty-shakin’ tunes as well as their more low-tempo, dreamy ballads, while Janeway captivated us all throughout the entire show. The band has currently released two EP’s, and their full length critically-acclaimed album Half the City on Single Lock/Thirty Tigers label dropped just last year. Be sure to check these guys out if you ever get the opportunity!

  1. Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is always a personal favorite, and with the release of their first album since 2007, “Stranger to Ourselves (March 2015/ Epic Records),” we were extra excited to see if the Mouse could still pack their one of a kind indie rock sound that has been capturing listener’s hearts for the last two decades, into the cannon for us. Let’s just say, Issac Brock (lead vocals, guitars, banjo, and keyboard) and band blew us away. They covered hits from almost every single album and found a way to please every Modest Mouse fan out there. We were even lucky enough to hear Brock take a stab at stand-up comedy—although he made us chuckle, music is definitely his true calling.

Flume performing at Sasquatch 2015. Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag.
  1. Flume

Flume was on our ‘Top 5 Acts Not to Miss at Sasquatch’, and man are we glad we decided to partake! Flume blasted us into dimensions only Sasquatch himself could know on Friday night to wrap up day one of the fest. This Australian producer lived up to everything we had heard about his live performance, and was definitely one of the shows we danced the most at. With the rain lightly sprinkling on the crowd, Flume played a plethora of our favorites tunes to refresh our souls and break our dancin’ shoes in for the long weekend that lied ahead. He also dropped a brand new remix of What So Not’s “Gemini” that we were lucky enough to be the first to hear. We are excited to see what else Flume conjures up in the next few months and to see him at a few upcoming festivals in the U.S.

  1. Dilated Peoples
Dilated Peoples with DJ Babu at Sasquatch 2015. Photo by Sydney Paschall

Dilated Peoples were also on our list of shows not to miss at Sasquatch this year, and we are so damn glad we didn’t! The underground hip-hop trio on the Rhymesayers label hailing from L.A. brought the heat on Saturday afternoon to the Bigfoot stage. The crew has remained devoted to their signature emotion and vibe since day one and it was incredible to be able to witness Evidence, Rakaa (Iriscience) and the legendary D.J. Babu in person. D.J. Babu is the ultimate beat maker and original M.C. that glues this trio together; I have to admit, it was pretty badass to witness Babu slaying on actual turntables, which is somewhat a rarity these days. The highlight of the show however, was when Evidence asked if anyone knew of his solo project from 2007 dubbed “The Weatherman.” A few people up front hollered and raised their hands, and after Evidence called one of them out, we saw the kid being pulled on stage by the artist himself. Next thing we know, the kid, who tells us his name is Jessie, is rapping, mic in hand, may we add correctly, to every single lyric of the single from “The Weatherman,” side by side with the hip hop legends. I am pretty sure Jessie’s life was made and we were all left beyond impressed and stunned by the cameo of the super fan in the audience. Props to you, Jessie and thanks for the remarkable show, Dilated Peoples!

  1. St. Vincent

Annie Erin Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, is my new favorite female guitar shredder of all time, hands down. We had always heard she was incredible and that her live performances kicked ass, but I personally haven’t been that impressed in a while. I am pretty positive every single person in attendance at the show now has a new woman crush. The Grammy winner, who has opened for huge acts like The Black Keys, Arcade Fire and Andrew Bird, has been on my list of acts to see for years now and I was able to witness the epicness that Clark protrudes. St. Vincent and band literally woo you into lust and her new self-titled album “St. Vincent” is lyrically complex, endearing, morbid and makes you fall in love all at the same time. Do not ever miss seeing St. Vincent if you get the chance!

  1. Chromeo
Chromeo performing at Sasquatch 2015. Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag.


Chromeo are The Funklordz. They transform modern electro-pop and take us back to the disco days of Hall and Oats and the likes. The duo comprised of Dave 1 and P-Thugg were also on our list of un-missable acts on Sasquatch’s lineup this year and for damn good reason. For the last decade, Chromeo have been paving their own path in the funk world and have created a name for themselves that contests no one else’s in the game. Their latest album “White Women” with the super hit “Jealous (I Ain’t With It) smashes charts and brings those ass-shakin’ funky beats, nostalgic lyrics and disco pop vibes you simply cannot find anywhere else. I don’t think I stopped dancing for one second of the entire set and my favorite part was when the duo busted out their song ‘Over the Shoulder,’ requesting that any and all females climb to the top of the closest dude’s shoulder in order to properly execute the fun for this female-idealizing, sexually vocalized tune. Easily one of our favorite at the fest, Chromeo is never a show to miss. Glad we got the chance to get the funk down with this duo again. Oh, and David Macklovitch is by far the most energetic, beaming stage performer I have seen thus far – We’re in love.

  1. Sleater-Kinney
Sleater-Kinney performing at Sasquatch 2015. Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag

Sleater-Kinney killed it. Let’s just say these ladies know how the hell to rock and roll, and take names while doing it. One of the most anticipated reunions of the decade, Sleater-Kinney ripped through the crowd, even after being delayed a half hour due to technical difficulties. It sure was rad watching these female saviors bring their band back from their rock-n-rock graveyard and have everyone head bangin’ along with them. We really see the trio come alive and essentially re-brand themselves with their newest album “No Cities To Love,” bringing the iconic band back into full force. We are very excited to see what the future holds for Sleater-Kinney.

  1. Robert Plant and The Sensational Shape Shifters
Robert Plant and the Sensational Shape Shifters performing at Sasquatch 2015. Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag.

No, it wasn’t Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones weren’t there. Robert Plant was there though—let me say that again, Robert motherfuckin’ Plant was there! Along with the melodic rhythms of the Sensational Space Shifters, Plant takes us onto the most creative, vibrant and complex playing field we have ever seen him perform on. Opening with the Zeppelin classic “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” Plant and The Space Shifters took Plant and his still-heavenly voice back to the days where magic filled the air,  when true classic rock was rising into the rebellious world’s loving arms and people everywhere were selling themselves to the Gods of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Like a current pulling to and from its shore, Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters corralled us back and forth from kaleidoscope-colored songs off the bands’ debut live album, back to Zeppelin classics that made us feel feels we never even knew we had. We can now say that we somewhat relate to our grandparent counterpart’s experiences back in the heyday of rock n roll. Thanks for stopping by Sasquatch, Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters!

  1. The Vibe
Nothing like a Gorge sunset. Photo by Sydney Paschall for Compose Yourself Mag.

My number one most memorable time at Sasquatch was not a particular band, comedian or act, but rather the vibe of the festival, the people I met while I was there and the way the festival ran in general. I was damn impressed by the festival, how quick it was to get a camp site, how knowledgeable, helpful and friendly everyone working or volunteering was, how I did not have to squat once on a port-a-potty or ever run out of toilet paper, how there was an option to take a shower for a small fee of three dollars, how there was running, potable water stations at almost every bathroom as well as stationed inside of the fest, how the camp ground was well-maintained and neighbors and friends all followed the golden rule, how by the end of the fest, no one wanted to leave or say “See ya later…,” because it’s just that good. I could go on about how spectacular Sasquatch was and how I will definitely go back every year that I can in the future, but for now I’ll say THANK YOU to Sasquatch Music Festival, and we’ll see you next year!

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