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[Creative Ramblings] Four Reasons: This Is Why I Practice Yoga

 1. I am constantly humbled by my practice which I think is important. Don’t we practice to cultivate humility and compassion? Sometimes it can be the exact opposite. The ego can come out in our practice sometimes, because let’s be honest, we all feel a little cool when we pop into a forearmstand. My practice reminds me to be humble and to not always show what I have or say everything I know. It teaches me to be quiet, and to actually listen, to be the observer.

2. I am cultivating a deep love and appreciation for the consciousness that illuminates my soul. The more I cultivate this love and positive energy I become more intimate with myself, and others. Being connected to the vital energy force that gives all things life is the most beautiful and joyous feeling I have ever experienced.

3. Yoga is a challenge. Not only in Asana practice am I constantly falling over and getting back up again. These things also happen off the mat and it is definitely challenging ( like more difficult than anything else) to incorporate my practice into everyday life. I have to remind myself to constantly breathe and not to flip off everyone else when things aren’t going smoothly. The practice of Yoga is the practice of patience, being still amidst chaotic situations, and above all else, loving yourself and others.

4. It’s helping me sort through my bullshit which makes all of the above, a lot easier. We all have demons, we all have attachments. These things that we’ve held onto are just weight. Weight that is holding you down, pulling you back, making you ill, driving you mad. Happiness is a choice. Life’s situations are not always going to be pleasant, but it is how you let them affect you afterwards. I have a lot of things that I’ve had to sort through and come to terms with. It wasn’t pleasant, and yes I resisted, because we are all resistant to what is truly good for us! Learn to step out of comfortable into uncomfortable, that’s where you grow. That is where you heal.


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