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#NewMusicMonday: Alixir Presents ‘Church of Funk: Second Sermon’

Aaron Bordas, aka Alixir. Photo via Facebook.

This weeks’ #NewMusicMonday goes out to Alixir, real name Aaron Bordas, hailing from Colorado originally. This producer has branched out and is now bringing hot beats straight out of Los Angeles, California. Alixir has been producing music for about six years now, and has played several shows in Denver’s music hubs, such as the 1Up on Colfax and The Armory. The producer first drew his inspiration from funk music. Once he was exposed to Sound Tribe Sector Nine’s livetronica style, he says it ‘helped bridge the gap’ in his music, ultimately guiding him to redefine his sound. We’ve just gotten ahold of his ‘Second Sermon’ Mix, and the funk vibes were definitely in full effect, and who doesn’t love that?! The underlying tones and banging beats of the entire mix are smoothly laid with the heaviest in funk. However, we love the way Alixir brings in a deep house vibe as well, creating a combo that simply drives us crazy and makes us wana groove our bodies to the beat. His seamless collaboration between funk, house, and deep tech are the kind of sounds you can expect to hear from Alixir.

Once we found his “Church of Funk: Second Sermon” mix we had to explore further, and we stumbled upon his “Spring Feels” mix, which truly deserves the title with its delectable fusion of uplifting and electro vibes. While still holding to his funky roots, Alixir takes it a step further with this mix. Hypnotic vocals mixed with light airy sounds take us to a totally different place than “Second Sermon” mix did, and we love it! Alixir shows off his artistry by maintaining his signature sound while still exposing another side of his talent with this mix. The strong basslines layered with instrumentals keep us coming back for more, and upon first listen you’ll be addicted too.

We are excited to see what Alixir has in store for the future! Check back for more from this stunning producer in the coming months as we share his latest releases and more!

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