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[Photo Gallery] AudioHazard Massive with Funtcase B2B Cookie Monsta + Provokative | April 4th in New York City

Funtcase B2B Cookie Monsta. Photo by Nick Soley
Audiohazard Massive was an excellent heavy bass concert to show that filthy dubstep isn’t leaving our music scene without a fight! Getting to the venue wasn’t hard at all, with it being conveniently located in a wonderful part of Queens/Astoria. Featuring some of New York and Long Islands’ best upcoming producers and DJs with major headliners Cookie Monsta and Funtcase doing a back to back set drew every New Yorker in the area that was ready to get grimy and dance all night.
With support from RUN DMT, Zardok, Provakative, and many more amazing artists, Contrast is truly killing the game right now! They host everything from massives like Audiohazard to underground music events in the NYC area, and every show is guaranteed to be just as amazing as this! The energy from Cookie Monsta and Funtcase’s set still has me amped, and my angry claws haven’t rested!
This was my third time seeing them perform together, with the first being Starscape Music Festival in 2012, and the last being their appearance in Philly back inĀ 2013. Their Audiohazard performance was like nothing else, and from the moment they dropped ‘Squid Attack VIP’ I was once again in love with the filth.
Check out Contrast’s next event called Bass Waves, featuring Moody Good (one half of dubstep duo 16-Bit!), Yogi, Schlang and many more. Also, did I mention it was on a boat?! Trust us when we say that grimy beats and boat parties go hand in hand, and snag your tickets here!
All photos shot by NYC area contributor Nick Soley!

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