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[New Music Monday] Duffrey ‘Kiss Cupboard’ 4/20 Release via Street Ritual

Kicking off this 420 holiday with #NewMusicMonday just feels right, doesn’t it? And of course we’ve got you covered! Leave it up to the folks over at Street Ritual to treat us to this 4 track release by Duffrey, an Oakland producer whose juicy glitch has us floating somewhere between outer space and a rumbling bass jungle in th e Amazon. Sonic sub-textures weave themselves throughout Kiss Cupboard, starting with ‘Oxytocin’, the first track of the EP. Delivering glitched-out yet ambient waves of melodic bass, Kiss Cupboard keeps us on our toes when it slides into ‘Moist’. Duffrey truly shows another level of production with this track, as it’s crunchy enough to keep us grinding, yet so smooth and polished that it could be played in a jazz club on Mars.

‘Parethesia’ brings us back to Earth with its plethora of organic sounds, including wind chimes, intermingling claps, and horn influences. This is the track that made us realize why Duffrey has coined his sound as ‘juicy glitch’; it’s as if he’s stretched and squeezed every sound until it’s perfected into the Duffrey formula. The complete sound engineering on Kiss Cupboard as a whole blows us away, with each track gleaming with precision and bouncing perfectly between our headphones.

Look out for more from this upcoming experimental producer, and the fine folks over at Street Ritual, who will keep you up to date on all things West Coast. Till next week!

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