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[Photo Series] Artists We Love | Audrey Kawasaki

 Taiyo Watanabe


Audrey Kawasaki mesmerizes us with her ability to convey such strong emotion in her work while sticking to soft and muted tones, delicate color schemes and fantasy-like worlds for her creatures to dwell within. Using wood as her only canvas, it gives her work a nostalgic and familiar touch, making her work even more intimate. Femininity, battles between good and evil, and the haunting yet intriguing spirit world are just some of the continuous themes seen in this artist’s work, but no matter what the latest piece may be, Audrey Kawasaki never fails to make jaws drop with her innovative and boundless creativity. Her work inspires, soothes, terrifies and begs the viewer to take a second look. We invite you to step into the magical, yet strange world of Audrey Kawasaki. We have a feeling you’ll find yourself staying for a while.

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