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The love I’ve got for Lynx is mad real. There’s something about the singer-songwriter that I can’t pinpoint, simply because it’s all so good. This soft spoken yet powerful multi-instrumentalist and beat-boxing badass is only 29 years old, and has already performed around the world, as well as hitting a slew of large-scale festivals recently in the US. After stumbling upon the end of her set at Electric Forest in 2013, I had the chance to catch her from start to finish at Gem and Jam Festival this last February, where I was front and center fangirl’ing the entire time.

Lynx, performing at Gem+Jam Festival back in February in Tucson, AZ. [Like I said, I was front row and center – fangirl’ing]
She combines the best parts of folk, electronica, and hip hop to make a style that refuses to be duplicated; entirely Lynx. Equipped with a soulful voice and thought-invoking lyrics, Lynx has a charming stage presence like no other. Fall in love with her melodious vocals and avid guitar playing, then drop your jaw as she breaks into spontaneous beat boxing and begins pounding behind her drum set.

Come next month, I’ll be making my way down to Apache Pass for Art Outside, and Lynx is undoubtedly one of the main acts I’ll be looking forward to. I strongly encourage you to check out her performance at the festival! The idea of seeing one of my favorite artists at my favorite festival is almost too good to be true, kind of like Lynx herself.

Her. Set. Is. Not. To. Be. Missed.

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