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Birthed from the creative mind of producer Doug Appling, Emancipator is an ambient trip that guides the listener through a wave of sound and emotion, creating an ethereal and surreal sense of nostalgia. Emancipator’s meticulous soundscapes and euphoric effects are merely amplified when the live band is in tow, aptly named Emancipator Ensemble. Featuring the talents of violinist Ilya Goldberg, drummer Colby Buckler, and bassist Mub Fractal, the complete Emancipator Ensemble experience is absolutely captivating.

Emancipator Ensemble back in May 2014 at the Granada Theater in Dallas. Photo by Tai Carpenter

Any chance to catch this show is highly encouraged – Seeing the band live truly is humbling, soul satisfying and all encompassing. I’ve never seen so many people cry tears of joy at a show, but that’s what the Emancipator audience does best. Catch them gracing the stage at Art Outside this year and experience a soul-changing performance that will leave you crying tears of joy.

Art Outside | Weekend Passes At $135!

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