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Fun Fun Fun Fest Returns to 2014 With An INSANE Lineup

If you’re bold enough to put the word ‘fun’ in your name and then go even further by adding two more ‘fun’s’ after it, chances are you know what you’re doing. Fun Fun Fun are the badasses of the festival scene, like the cool kids on the playground who weren’t afraid to chum it up with the nerds in the courtyard, or to hang out with the goths after school. In addition to a lineup of stellar entertainment across the genre board, seen evident by the Black Stage (Past: The Descendents, X, Gojira), the Orange ‘Comedy’ Stage (Past standups have included: Doug Benson, Sarah Silverman, Rob Delaney) and the Blue Stage (Past: Tycho, MIA, RJD2, Ice-T), the festival also hosts a recreational athletic area for BMXers and skateboarders to grind throughout the weekend. Last year’s festivities included anarchy wrestling matches, the magically delicious comeback of Twinkies, and, wait for it….. CANNONS BLASTING TACOS OFF INTO THE CROWD! While their comedy lineup hasn’t been released just yet, we’ll leave it to these festival gurus to bring the best rib crackin’ stand-ups in the game.

Now: Feast Your Eyes.

Wipe the drool from your chin.


Music festivals aren’t for everyone – we totally get that. You can’t expect everyone to be gung ho when it comes to the possibility of destroyed port-a-potties or battling the massive crowds that may stand between you and your beloved favorite artist. But the finesse in which Fun Fun Fun Fest operates puts the event on a whole other level – besides being one of the cleanest festivals I’ve attended (read our review here!), and having a sprawling and spacious venue space (Auditorium Shores), there is absolutely no shortage on how much fun you’ll be having. This is cemented by the return of the glorious taco cannon, the air sex championships, and the BMX stomping grounds. Even the port-a-potties at Fun Fun Fun hold their own realm of wonder, as you may step inside one and discover yourself inside of an impromptu photobooth.

Trust us when we say you do not wanna sleep on this. Get with the program, and grab your tickets here. On a budget? There are various payment methods available too!

Fun Fun Fun, is it too early to say we love you yet?

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