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[Review] The Polish Ambassador – ‘Lost & Found’ Ft. Mr. Lif & Alya Nereo

The world’s funkiest diplomat, known as The Polish Ambassador, is at it again. This time, he’s on a rock-star collaboration with Mr. Lif and Ayla Nereo. The talented trio combined their superpowers to craft a distinctively addicting track entitled “Lost & Found”, which was the first released track of anticipated full CD Pushing Through the Pavement. The track paints a vivid picture-story of a traveler who finds her place in the world, and leaves it changed for the better.

“Lost & Found” is the epitome of a genre-bender; it possesses the signature funk-hop sound of The Polish Ambassador, smooth hip-hop flows of Mr. Lif, and the soothsaying folk vocals of Alya Nereo. The unique euphonic flavors blend together to create an exotic delicacy destined to leave your ears craving more.

Luckily, TPA has your ears covered and has already released a second track from Pushing Through the Pavement entitled “Vision Fiberoptics” featuring Sean Haefeli, which is another unique treat for the ears. The full 15-track CD will be released June 10th through Jumpsuit Records. The full CD is available for pre-order now.

I can’t wait to get funky to “Lost & Found” and “Vision Fiberoptics” at TPA’s sunset set at Lightning in a Bottle this weekend, at Sonic Bloom in Colorado later this month, and at Art Outside in Texas during October.

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