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Meet Your New Future-Funk Obsession: Resonant Frequency

 Resonant Frequency is the combined kinetic energy of four electro-soul producers: Diamond Cuts (Vincent Seidl), Lando (Landone Reichle), Local Color (Ben Slade) and Focal Point (Preston Flynn). The future-funk quartet decided to combine their livetronica music production talent last November when they played the same house party.

“At first we planned on touring together as a show that had everyone perform individually, but then we started producing together and the chemistry was unreal,” said Vince Seidl. “We decided to form an entirely new group together and Resonant Frequency was born”.

Resonant Frequency released part one of EP 4sight last month and it is a psychedelic blend of future funk and electro-soul, with a dash of hip-hop. The 3-track release will leave your body with the urge to tear up the dance floor, and your ears with the desire to hear more. Luckily, Resonant Frequency plans to drop part two of 4sight soon so keep a lookout for the funky adventure’s second half.

Resonant Frequency recently turned their project into a live band set-up, because live instruments exponentially add to the live music experience; the quartet will perform as a full live band for the first time at Appreciate Art Austin this Friday. The band consists of Diamond Cuts on guitar/keys/sequences, Local Color on drums, Lando on sequences/mixes and Focal Point on bass/keys/sequences. Do yourself a favor and make sure to check these guys out for an eargasmic treat.


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